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A Works
A-01 Prose
A-01-a Novels
A-01-b Unfinished / Unpublished Novels
A-01-c Short Stories, Articles and Essays
A-01-c-1/01-61 "Oldest Short Stories 1945-1955 c"
A-01-c-2/62-110 "Short Stories: Middle"
A-01-c-3/111-180 "Short Stories: 1972-74-78-80-81-82"
A-01-c-4/181-237 "Short Stories 1983-88/Book Reviews"
A-01-c-5/238-299 "Stories - Articles 1989"
A-01-c-6 to 10 Collections of Short Stories
A-01-c-11 to 14 Essays / Incomplete Old Stories, etc.
A-02 Poems
A-03 Theatre Plays [no Ms.]
A-04 TV and Radio Scripts
A-05 Notebooks [Cahiers]
A-06 Drawings
A-06-a Small Format Drawings and Sketchbooks
A-06-b Medium Format Drawings and Sketchbooks
A-06-c Large Format Drawings
B Letters
B-01 Letters from Patricia Highsmith
B-01-01 Family Correspondence
B-01-02 Personal Correspondence
B-01-03 Business Correspondence
B-01-04 Letters to Readers
B-01-05 Fan Letters (To non-writers)
B-01-06 Letters to Politicians and Newspapers
B-01-06-a Divers Subjects
B-01-06-b Israel/Palestinians
B-02 Letters to Patricia Highsmith
B-02-01 Family Correspondence
B-02-02 Personal Correspondence
B-02-03 Business Correspondence
B-02-04 Letters from Readers (sorted)
B-02-05 Letters from Readers (unsorted)
B-03 Letters between Third Persons
B-04 Thematical Correspondence
B-04-a Thematical Bundles
B-04-b Unsorted Letters
B-04-b-01 Copies of Letters
B-04-b-02 Letters in/from Scrapbooks and Diaries
B-04-c Original Correspondence Folders [empty]
B-04-d Documents from Correspondence Files
C Life Papers and Documents
C-01 Diaries
C-02 Personal Papers
C-02-a Birth certificate, Passports, Death report etc.
C-02-b Private Small Format Booklets (Address Booklets, Small Notebooks)
C-02-c Social Security (Health and Medical Documents)
C-02-d Death (Exit, Last Will etc.)
C-02-e American Citizenship
C-02-f Cats
C-02-g Divers Personal Documents (Horoscope, CV)
C-02-h Calendars with Notes
C-03 Genealogical and Family Documents
C-03-a Stewart Family
C-03-b Coates and Coats
C-03-c Coates Donations
C-04 House and Business Documents
C-04-a Business Small Format Booklets (Income and Address)
C-04-b House Documents
C-04-b-01 Visitors' Book, 1977/1991
C-04-b-02 Documents re: Aurigeno House, 1980/1995
C-04-b-03 Documents re: Tegna House, 1977/1995, n.d.
C-04-b-04 Writing Utensils, TV, Media, 1985/1995, n.d.
C-04-c Memberships
C-04-d Editors
C-04-e Taxes
C-05 Photos
C-05-a Photo Albums
C-05-a-02 Red Album (horizontal)
C-05-a-03 Black Album (gold tooling)
C-05-a-04 Red Album (upright)
C-05-a-05 Black Album (photographs)
C-05-a-06 Black Album (memory book)
C-05-b Private Shots
C-05-c Professional Shots (Portraits etc.)
C-05-d Photos Coates Donation
C-06 Awards and Diplomas
C-07 Memorabilia
C-08 Notes by Patricia Highsmith (and others)
C-08-a Divers Notes
C-08-b Notes removed from PH's Books
D Collections
D-01 Personal Library
D-02 Collection of Highsmith Editions
D-03 Scrapbooks
D-04 Press Cuttings and Newspaper/Magazine Copies re: Life and Work of PH
D-04-a Articles and Stories by PH
D-04-b Portraits of PH and Interviews
D-04-c Reviews of Novels
D-04-d Obituaries
D-05 Press cuttings re: diverse topics
D-05-a Alphabethical Documentation
D-05-b Newspaper Cuttings re: Israel – Palestinians
D-05-c Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes Documentation
D-05-d Animal Rights
D-05-e Blacks
D-05-f Divers
D-05-g The Pits
D-06 Video Tapes
D-06-a Film Versions and Videos relating to PH
D-06-b Patricia Highsmith's Video Collection
D-06-c Additional Videos on PH and her Oeuvre
D-07 Audio tapes and records
D-07-a Spoken Letters / Interviews / Reviews / Reportages
D-07-b Recordings of Literature / Music / Guides
D-07-c Highsmith Audio Books
D-07-d Long Play Records (LPs)
D-08 Orignal Ts./MS. Boxes and Folders
D-09 Film Scripts / Screenplays by other Authors, based on PH Novels
D-10 Maps
D-11 Studies on PH's Work (Manuscripts)
D-12 Manuscripts by Others
D-13 Artwork in Possession of PH
D-14 Collection of Postcards
D-15 Odds and Ends
E Supplementations
E-01 Copies of Manuscripts and Documents [Large format boxes]
E-02 Exhibition Documents
E-03 Executors' Files


Notebooks [Cahiers]

“These are not diaries, but contain ideas for short stories and novels, some poems, notes on countries and cities I have visited, people I have met. At very back of these cahiers, quotations I copied out from other writers, etc.” Patricia Highsmith: “Inventory of hardcover first editions at Highsmith house, Dec. 1987”
Inscr.: Patricia Highsmith, Arbeitsheft (Cahier) mit Eintrag vom 16.12.1945. Erst Skizze zum Roman Strangers on a Train. Die durch eine ideelle Verwandtschaft verbundenen Protagonisten heissen noch Alfred Pyle und Lawrence Barnett, später werden daraus Guy Haynes und Charles Bruno.
Inscr.: Patricia Highsmith : Arbeitsheft (Cahier). Unter die ins Heft eingeklebte Zeitungsfoto des Mörders Robert Murl Daniels schreibt Highsmith „(Bruno)“, den Namen des Mörders in Strangers on a Train.
Inscr.: Cahier 30, August 1968 bis Dezember 1969, Umschlag mit Aufenthaltsorten in dieser Periode. Eintrag 11. November 1968, Entwurf zu „Second Ripley“, zum Roman Ripley Under Ground. Ripley ist in eine Fälschungsaffäre um Bilder des toten Malers Derwatt involviert und sieht sich genötigt, einen Experten umzubringen, der den Fälschungen auf die Spur gekommen ist.
Cote Title / Description Dates Further Info / Remarks
A-05/01 1938 until 1939   1938/1939
A-05/02 November 1939 until July 1940   1939/1940
A-05/03 October 1940 to June 1941   1940/1941
A-05/04 August 1940 to November 1940   1940/1940
A-05/05 June 1941 to December 1941   1941/1941
A-05/06 December 1941 to May 1942   1941/1942
A-05/07 May 1942 to July 1942   1942/1942
A-05/08 August 1942 to November 1942   1942/1942
A-05/09 October 1942 to January 1943   1942/1943
A-05/09a December 1943 to May 1944 ("Mexico Diary")   1943/1944
A-05/10 January 1943 to November 1943   1943/1943
A-05/11 November 1943 to October 1944   1943/1944
A-05/12 October 1944 to August 1945   1944/1945
A-05/13 July 1945 to June 1946   1945/1946
A-05/14 June 1946 to December 1946   1946/1946
A-05/15 January 1947 to July 1947   1947/1947
A-05/16 July 1947 to January 1948   1947/1948
A-05/17 January 1948 to July 1948   1948/1948
A-05/18 September 1948 to October 1949   1948/1949
A-05/19 November 1949 to September 1950   1949/1950
A-05/20 October 1950 to October 1951   1950/1951
A-05/21 November 1951 to December 1952   1951/1952
A-05/22 December 1952 to February 1954   1952/1954
A-05/23 February 1954 to September 1955   1954/1955
A-05/24 December 1955 to February 1958   1955/1958
A-05/25 März 1958 to May 1960   1958/1960
A-05/26 June 1960 to September 1962   1960/1962
A-05/27 August 1962 to December 1964   1962/1964
A-05/28 December 1964 to January 1967   1964/1967
A-05/29 January 1967 to July 1968   1967/1968
A-05/30 August 1968 to January 1970   1968/1970
A-05/31 December 1969 to November 1971   1969/1971
A-05/32 October 1971 to November 1973   1971/1973
A-05/33 December 1973 to August 1976   1973/1976
A-05/34 September 1976 to October 1979   1976/1979
A-05/35 November 1979 to July 1983   1979/1983
A-05/36 August 1983 to August 1988   1983/1988
A-05/37 September 1988 to December 1992   1988/1992
A-05/38 Empty Notebook. On front cover h.w. note by PH: "Book Thirty-Eight Tegna". Affixed special stamp of Deutsche Bundespost 1 DM: 200. Todestag Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [1991], stamped Hannover (date 1993?), second stamp beside "Schreib mal wieder". Handwritten note by PH on inside of backside cover: Titles [listed up on three lines:] The Perfect Stranger, The Whispers of Strangers, The Wrong Mountain   1993?