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A Works
A-01 Prose
A-01-a Novels
A-01-b Unfinished / Unpublished Novels
A-01-c Short Stories, Articles and Essays
A-01-c-1/01-61 "Oldest Short Stories 1945-1955 c"
A-01-c-2/62-110 "Short Stories: Middle"
A-01-c-3/111-180 "Short Stories: 1972-74-78-80-81-82"
A-01-c-4/181-237 "Short Stories 1983-88/Book Reviews"
A-01-c-5/238-299 "Stories - Articles 1989"
A-01-c-6 to 10 Collections of Short Stories
A-01-c-11 to 14 Essays / Incomplete Old Stories, etc.
A-02 Poems
A-03 Theatre Plays [no Ms.]
A-04 TV and Radio Scripts
A-05 Notebooks [Cahiers]
A-06 Drawings
A-06-a Small Format Drawings and Sketchbooks
A-06-b Medium Format Drawings and Sketchbooks
A-06-c Large Format Drawings
B Letters
B-01 Letters from Patricia Highsmith
B-01-01 Family Correspondence
B-01-02 Personal Correspondence
B-01-03 Business Correspondence
B-01-04 Letters to Readers
B-01-05 Fan Letters (To non-writers)
B-01-06 Letters to Politicians and Newspapers
B-01-06-a Divers Subjects
B-01-06-b Israel/Palestinians
B-02 Letters to Patricia Highsmith
B-02-01 Family Correspondence
B-02-02 Personal Correspondence
B-02-03 Business Correspondence
B-02-04 Letters from Readers (sorted)
B-02-05 Letters from Readers (unsorted)
B-03 Letters between Third Persons
B-04 Thematical Correspondence
B-04-a Thematical Bundles
B-04-b Unsorted Letters
B-04-b-01 Copies of Letters
B-04-b-02 Letters in/from Scrapbooks and Diaries
B-04-c Original Correspondence Folders [empty]
B-04-d Documents from Correspondence Files
C Life Papers and Documents
C-01 Diaries
C-02 Personal Papers
C-02-a Birth certificate, Passports, Death report etc.
C-02-b Private Small Format Booklets (Address Booklets, Small Notebooks)
C-02-c Social Security (Health and Medical Documents)
C-02-d Death (Exit, Last Will etc.)
C-02-e American Citizenship
C-02-f Cats
C-02-g Divers Personal Documents (Horoscope, CV)
C-02-h Calendars with Notes
C-03 Genealogical and Family Documents
C-03-a Stewart Family
C-03-b Coates and Coats
C-03-c Coates Donations
C-04 House and Business Documents
C-04-a Business Small Format Booklets (Income and Address)
C-04-b House Documents
C-04-b-01 Visitors' Book, 1977/1991
C-04-b-02 Documents re: Aurigeno House, 1980/1995
C-04-b-03 Documents re: Tegna House, 1977/1995, n.d.
C-04-b-04 Writing Utensils, TV, Media, 1985/1995, n.d.
C-04-c Memberships
C-04-d Editors
C-04-e Taxes
C-05 Photos
C-05-a Photo Albums
C-05-a-02 Red Album (horizontal)
C-05-a-03 Black Album (gold tooling)
C-05-a-04 Red Album (upright)
C-05-a-05 Black Album (photographs)
C-05-a-06 Black Album (memory book)
C-05-b Private Shots
C-05-c Professional Shots (Portraits etc.)
C-05-d Photos Coates Donation
C-06 Awards and Diplomas
C-07 Memorabilia
C-08 Notes by Patricia Highsmith (and others)
C-08-a Divers Notes
C-08-b Notes removed from PH's Books
D Collections
D-01 Personal Library
D-02 Collection of Highsmith Editions
D-03 Scrapbooks
D-04 Press Cuttings and Newspaper/Magazine Copies re: Life and Work of PH
D-04-a Articles and Stories by PH
D-04-b Portraits of PH and Interviews
D-04-c Reviews of Novels
D-04-d Obituaries
D-05 Press cuttings re: diverse topics
D-05-a Alphabethical Documentation
D-05-b Newspaper Cuttings re: Israel – Palestinians
D-05-c Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes Documentation
D-05-d Animal Rights
D-05-e Blacks
D-05-f Divers
D-05-g The Pits
D-06 Video Tapes
D-06-a Film Versions and Videos relating to PH
D-06-b Patricia Highsmith's Video Collection
D-06-c Additional Videos on PH and her Oeuvre
D-07 Audio tapes and records
D-07-a Spoken Letters / Interviews / Reviews / Reportages
D-07-b Recordings of Literature / Music / Guides
D-07-c Highsmith Audio Books
D-07-d Long Play Records (LPs)
D-08 Orignal Ts./MS. Boxes and Folders
D-09 Film Scripts / Screenplays by other Authors, based on PH Novels
D-10 Maps
D-11 Studies on PH's Work (Manuscripts)
D-12 Manuscripts by Others
D-13 Artwork in Possession of PH
D-14 Collection of Postcards
D-15 Odds and Ends
E Supplementations
E-01 Copies of Manuscripts and Documents [Large format boxes]
E-02 Exhibition Documents
E-03 Executors' Files


House and Business Documents


Business Small Format Booklets (Income and Address)

Cote Title / Description Dates Further Info / Remarks
C-04-a/01 Income 1950-1960   1950/1960
a) Pay slip N° 59674 of William Morris Agency, Inc.
b) nc. s.s. card # 133-16-9894
C-04-a/02 Income 1961-66   1961/1966
Brown spiral.
C-04-a/03 Income 1967-1973   19671973
Red flowered cover.
C-04-a/04 1974-5-6-7-8-79 with black sticker „I“   1974/1979
Green patterned cover
a) small map of part of London, showing Angel Bookshop
b) letter from William Aspenwall Bradley, December 1976, address: Moncourt, Re: income
c) letter from Helena Strassova, 1st January 1980, address: Moncourt, Re: income
C-04-a/05 Income 1980-1987   1980/1987
Blue booklet with flowers on cover and a black sticker with big letter „I“
„Travel-things-to-remember-tick-off-list“ and small shopping list
C-04-a/06 Address booklet "Business Eng – France 1963-1970"   1963/1970
Blue patterned cover.
C-04-A/07 Address booklet "Bus – Eng – France 1971 – Apr. 1974"   1971/1974
Blue covers „Collins Mini Memo“.
C-04-a/08 Address booklet "Business Addr. 1976-1979"   1976/1979
Black cover.
C-04-a/09 Address booklet "Business – France, Switz. USA ‘79-82"   1979/1982
Red fleur-de-Lys cover.
C-04-a/10 Address booklet "1980-87 Bus"   1980/1987
Black cover; written on plaster that is stuck on booklet with bright yellow tape.
C-04-a/11 Address booklet "Bus" (no date)   n.d.
Wrapped in white paper.
Tegna address and fax number inside cover
a) card Mr George Hamilton Vascular Surgeon, London
b) piece of paper with address of Steve von Stehen, Merrill Lynch, Paris.
c) part of envelope with address of O. Brändl [?], Zürich and phone number
C-04-a/12 Envelope with check stubs (receipts only)     Nov. ’81 to 87 – 1. April Five books of check stubs.
C-04-a/13 Check stubs 1985/86      
C-04-a/14 Envelope with check stubs (receipts only)     ’88 UK cheque stubs One book of check stubs.
C-04-a/15 Dollar account Tomes, Inc     With handwritten notes by PH and original folder.


House Documents

Cote Title / Description Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
C-04-b-01 Visitors' Book   1977/1991
1 album
With first dated entry: “1977. For Pat. In memory of our first ‘murder’. Love Alexis” [Weissenberg]. Greetings and inscriptions on c. 1/5 of the whole book, among others by Jeanne Moreau, (15.10.1977). Contains 4 calling-cards (three in the beginning, one after the last p. with an entry).
C-04-b-02 Documents re: Aurigeno House   1980/1995
c. 50 documents: bills, clearings, letters, attestations, authentications, decrees, location plans (partly photocopies)
Original folders of PH included (1 red, 1 green), 1 envelope (yellow).
Photograph by Gerhard Keiss (?): Aurigeno house, 1982 Summer
Documents and correspondence from/with UBS[Union de Banques Suisses]; E. Lautenbach, Aurigeno; PTT[Schweiz. Post-, Telefon-, und Telegrafenbetriebe]; Comune di Aurigeno, (included location plans and tax documents, 2 certified photocopies (No. 1399 and 1400: Procura to Madame Ellen Rifkin, 4 agosto 1980; Immobiliare Orselina; Schweiz. Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft)
Folder Avv. Franco Moretti Studio legale e notarile. With document "Pubblico Istrumento No. 2129: Contratto di compravendita", Copia autentica per la Signora Patricia Highsmith (10.09.1991) and correspondence
Pubblico Istrumento No. 762. Avv. Sergio Salvioni, Notaio, Locarno [Procura: Ellen Rifkin], Copia autentica (26.08.1980)
"Werkvertrag [photocopy] zwischen Frau Patricia Highsmith, vertreten durch Frau Ellen Hill, Casigliano und Impresa A. u. T. Gobbi, Verscio und T. Ammann, Casigliano – kurz Gobbi + Ammann genannt, 23. Oktober 1980"
Pubblico Istrumento No. 3268. Notaio Avv. Gabriele Pedrazzini, Locarno. Atto: Compravendita, Rettifica confini (Fotocopia autentica, 30.10.1989)
C-04-b-03 Documents re: Tegna House   1977/1995
c. 200 documents: invoices, clearings, letters, attestations, authentications, decrees, location plans (partly photocopies), 1 key, 1 brochure
Some of the letters and documents with notes and handwritten remarks by PH. Mortgage-calculations, invoices, plan notes re: construction of Tegna house. Correspondence with Sigg, UBS, Locarno, Schnebli + Ammann, architects
Key with inscription on tie-on label “Towkie Maniapik, Pangnirtung, 1982. Canada, Eskimo art esquimau”, Door key (with engraving Swiss 8, 128)
Der Architekt. Handbuch für den Bauherrn (S.I.A, BSA, FSAI)
Rough draft Tegna house (Drawing by PH, on rear of calendar sheet "Dicembre 1988")
Site plan (Drawing by PH) How to come to Tegna house (from Locarno)
Correspondence with Agenzia Immobiliare Domenico Cocquio. Site plan (Drawing by PH) House P. H. [less detailed than the one above]
2 Manuals: Exercises for low back pain / Your 15-minute-workout
Testament “Atto notarile di Testamento pubblico. Parti: Mary Patricia Highsmith. Copia autentica per: la signora Vivien De Bernardi.”, 1995-02-24, Attachment: Inventario "Mary Patricia Highsmith, Tegna 17 febbraio 1995", 7 pp. (photocopies).
Folder Commune di Tegna, 1987/1990, Including "Certificato di Abitabilità". Dr. med L. Piazzoni, 1989
Folder "Dog affair", 1993/1994, 6 letters (one carbon), Letters from PHto Sergio Salvioni (Avv.), PHto Lorenz Bichler, Lorenz Bichlerto PH, Sergio Salvionito Lorenz Bichler, P. Kassovitsto PH
Folder UBS, 1987/1990, c. 100 invoices, letters etc., 4 notes and 2 letters by PH (partly carbon copies), On some documents handwritten remarks by PH. Including invoices of craftsmen and artisans, among others [Peter] Carol Giardini correspondence. D. Schnebli + T. Ammann, Architetti, Agno (contains "Haus in Tegna: Schlussabrechnung, 16. 10.1989), Salvioni e Maccanetti, “Notes from talks with Sigg [UBS Locarno] chez moi”, with calculations of estimated house price etc. Partly written on rear of letters to PH (4 notes, 2 letters, partly carbon copies). Including ec card number UBS on a small stub
C-04-b-04 Writing Utensils, TV, Media   1985/1995
div. mat., c. 50 documents (brochures, letters, fax etc.)
"F. S. Cassette instructions" [re: cassette recorder]
Brother Fax
Amstrad PC (brochure and correspondence)
Amstrad PC (Word processor)
Apple Mac Classic II
TVExtra AB, BBC Worldwide Television, König SA (Radio TV Hi-Fi Elettrodomestici)



Cote Title / Description Dates Further Info / Remarks
C-04-c/01 Member Card The Authors Guild, New York   1993
C-04-c/02 Crime Writers Association. Membership List   1980
List of 18 pp., including PH.
C-04-c/03 The Detection Club 1932-1980. Full List of Members   1981
List including PH (since 1975).
C-04-c/04 The Detection Club 1930-1994. List of Members   1994
List including PH (since 1975).



Cote Title / Description Dates Further Info / Remarks
C-04-d/01 Atlantic Monthly Press: Itinerary for PH author of “Found in the Street” in New York, 1987   1987
C-04-d/02 Memorandum of Agreement between Patricia Highsmith c/o Diogenes Verlag and Circulo de Leitores, Lisboa re: Small g: A Summer Idyll   1995
3 copies.



Cote Title / Description Dates Further Info / Remarks
C-04-e/01 Demande annuelle de réduction de l’impôt français sur les redevances   1991
re: royalties Calmann-Levy. Form signed by PH.
C-04-e/02 Imposta Cantonale, Richiesta d’acconto, Ufficio Cantonale di Esazione, Bellinzona   1992
Swiss taxes 1992, with note PH: “Paid toto 18/4/92”.
C-04-e/03 Imposta Communale, Richiesta d’acconto, Cancelleria Communale, Tegna   1992
Swiss taxes 1992, with note PH: “30 April deadline / paid in toto 4 April 1992”.
C-04-e/04 Documentation (press cuttings, photocopies) re:Taxes for U.S. Citizens abroad   1986/1990
Including press cutting: “America’s Gossip Queen Liz [Smith] is a Secret Lesbian”.