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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Works
Scope and content : A-Works: typewritten manuscripts of various novels, including lengthy fragments of unpublished or unfinished works; around 400 typewritten manuscripts of partly unpublished short stories, essays and poems; some 39 cahiers, or literary notebooks; more than 300 loose drawings and watercolors and 25 sketchbooks.
Cote : SLA-PH-A

A-01 Prose
A-01-a Novels
A-01-b Unfinished / Unpublished Novels
A-01-c Short Stories, Articles and Essays
A-01-c-1/01-61 "Oldest Short Stories 1945-1955 c"
A-01-c-2/62-110 "Short Stories: Middle"
A-01-c-3/111-180 "Short Stories: 1972-74-78-80-81-82"
A-01-c-4/181-237 "Short Stories 1983-88/Book Reviews"
A-01-c-5/238-299 "Stories - Articles 1989"
A-01-c-6_to_10 Collections of Short Stories
A-01-c-11_to_14 Essays / Incomplete Old Stories, etc.
A-02 Poems
A-03 Theatre Plays [no Ms.]
A-04 TV and Radio Scripts
A-05 Notebooks [Cahiers]
A-06 Drawings
A-06-a Small Format Drawings and Sketchbooks
A-06-b Medium Format Drawings and Sketchbooks
A-06-c Large Format Drawings



Rem.: see also: A-01-c-1/40to A-01-c-1/41-IIand A-01-c-2/72Enclosed: Envelope with handwritten remark by AvP: “Poems” (found in "Werkstatt" - workshop)
s.a. A-01-c-2/72,
s.a. A-01-c-1/41-II.1,
s.a. A-01-c-1/40.1
Cote Title / Description Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
A-02/01 Kitten – Cat – Old Cat   1991.12.12
Ts., 2 pp. A4 (6 x); 12 pp. translation Ruetz (photocopies) 12 Dec. 1991. Handwritten remark on Erica Ruetz’ translation: Kätzchen – Katze – Alte Katze. On one of the identical photocopies of the translation typed remark: "sent to B. Plagemann, Berlin, Dec. 1991; with Ofen changed to Kamin)”.
A-02/02 A Toast. 5 Drafts   1979
Ts., 5 pp. A4 (orig. + carbon) Attachment: 1 p. photocopy “Ein Toast”, p. 233, with handwritten remark "A Toast (German)" on verso. One of the drafts (carbon) shows on top left “Patricia Highsmith, 21 Boissiere, 77 Moncourt” besides a newly typed remark “d. May 1, 1979; typed 13 July 1979”.
A-02/03 Pretty Pictures. 2 Drafts   1981.08.02
Ts., 2 x 2 pp. A4 (carbon) 2 August 1981 Patricia Highsmith
A-02/04 The Guestworkers. 3 Drafts   1982
Ts., 3 pp. A4 (2x orig., 1x carbon?) Moncourt 1982. Many handwritten corrections on the 1st draft (?), which is written on rear of p. 1 of letter from Diogenes Verlag, Zürich, to PH, 26 May, 1983)
A-02/05 In Hospital (Nosebleed)   1980.03.02
Ts., 2 pp. (orig. + carbon) 2/3/80
A-02/06 Untitled. 1st line: “I carry old memories around like a heavy suitcase”   s.d.
Ts, 1 p. A5 (carbon)  
A-02/07 Untitled. 1st line: “What a big portion of existence resembles ”   1978.10
Ts., 1 p. A5 (carbon) October 1978
A-02/08 Before Sleep   s.d.
Ts., 2 pp. A5 (orig. + carbon)  
A-02/09 Traffic Law   1982
Ts., 1 p. A4 (carbon) 1982
A-02/10 Untitled. 1st line: “I think of the way”   1982.04.13
Ts., 2 pp. A4 (orig. + carbon) 13. Apr 82
A-02/11 Unicorn Cat   1982-1983
Ts., 2 pp. A4 (orig.) Each of them on rear of letters from: p. 1: Diogenes Verlag (Marianne Liggenstorfer), Zürich, to PH, 24 January, 1983, p. 2 (photocopy) Diogenes Verlag (Thomas Bodmer), Zürich, to Dieter E. Zimmer / DIE ZEIT, 29 October 1982.
A-02/12 To The Gate-Keeper   s.d.
Ts., 1 p. A4  
A-02/13 Ending It   s.d.
Ts., 2 pp. A5 (orig.? + carbon)  
A-02/14 POETS   s.d.
Ts., 2 pp. A5 (2 carbons)  
A-02/15 Pictures of Girls   1978.08
Ts., 1 p. A5 (carbon) "Aug 78"
A-02/16 (L’amour est une nécéssité)   s.d.
Ts., 1 p. A4 (carbon) On top left “Patricia Highsmith, 21 Boissiere, 77 Moncourt”
A-02/17 To P.O.-L. [Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens]   1960-1976
Ts., 11 pp. A4 (orig.) Rem.: Attachment: 1 half of letter from A.M. Heath, London, to PH, 30th March, 1978. 1 note with t.w. remark: “POL sent to HACHETTE Sept. 1978 and so marked, POL.”. On t. p. h.w. remark “To P. O.-L.”. Handwritten corrections. Original succession of papers: 6-10, 2-5 and t. p. Date-remarks along the text: 1960/1976.
Dat.: Additional dates: 1978-09-26
A-02/18 Etre Ensemble   s.d.
Ts., 1 p. A4 (carbon) Attachment: 1 half letter (lower part), signed “Hans Redlbach”, with remark (t.w.) “SENT TO MARIA D’APPARECIDA” 3 July 1979 FOUR POEMS: THE LIGHTHOUSE, IN LOVE (I suppose that’s the name of the game), In French: Guerison, Il Existe un Moment. 9 July, Etre ENSEMBLE, LOVE IS A DESPERATION (L’Amour est un extreme desespoir)”.
A-02/19 Patricia Highsmith. POEMES. Traduction (première version) par Alain Delahaye   1978
Ts., 16 pp. A4 1 t. p. (carbon) Attachment: Letter from AD to PH, December 11, 1978.
A-02/20 Poems   1978.04.09-1978.08.11
Tss. (4 pp. A5), Ts. on note (1 orig. + 3 carbons) Poem for T. and "Und ist es (...)" are written on the same page, with "den Spree" [sic]. Ts. on note: "I suppose that's (...)"
A-02/20.1 Untitled. 1st line: “I suppose that’s the game: doubt.”
A-02/20.2 Poem for T., Written Not on Horseback, But on Typewriter
A-02/20.3 Untitled: "Und ist es der armen Lesley gelungen/Oder ist sie in den Spree gesprungen?”
A-02/20.4 Untitled. 1st line: “We have only to look at each other”
A-02/20.5 Untitled. 1st line: “Every day you change”
A-02/20.6 Untitled. 1st line: "Love is a malady”
A-02/21 Poems   1978.09.25
Tss., 6 pp. A4 Attachment: Note “Carbons, origs. of most of what was sent to Hachette, Sept. 1978. Okay square stuff, not necessarily the best. 25 Sept. ’78" (Date handwritten, PH?).
A-02/21.1 Untitled. 1st line: “A positive philosophy”
A-02/21.2 Togetherness
A-02/21.3 Six Months Later
A-02/21.4 Black Goldfish
A-02/21.5 Recovery
A-02/22 A Week   1978.08.12
Ts., 2 pp. A5 (orig.? + carbon) 12. Aug 78
A-02/23 Recovery   1978.08
Ts., 1 p. A5 (carbon) (end of August ’78)
A-02/24 Untitled. 1st line: “Memory of you seizes me unawares”   1978.05.30
Ts., 1 p. A5 On rear of 1st half of letter from Bertelsmann Fernseh-Produktion, Berlin, to PH, 30 Mai 1978.
A-02/25 On God   1979
Ts., 1 p. A5 On rear of letter / invitation to Barnard alumnae of THE BARNARD IN PARIS GROUP, 20 April, 1979 (reception for Professor Gavronsky).