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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Letters
Scope and content : B-Correspondence: family correspondence, including a large collection of letters between Highsmith and her Texan first cousin Dan O. Coates, and letters between Highsmith and her mother Mary Coates Highsmith, father Jay B. Plangman and step-father Stanley Highsmith. Correspondence with publishers. Correspondence with friends, including a large number of letters to her life-long friend Kate Kingsley Skattebøl, and to Charles Latimer and Barbara Ker-Seymer, as well as copies of letters to Alex Szogyi, Phyllis Nagy and Bettina Berch. Letters from (and occasionally to) fellow writers, especially Graham Greene, Paul Bowles and Gore Vidal (for other established names in the Arts and Letters with a smaller number of letters see list below).
Cote : SLA-PH-B

B-01 Letters from Patricia Highsmith
B-01-01 Family Correspondence
B-01-02 Personal Correspondence
B-01-03 Business Correspondence
B-01-04 Letters to Readers
B-01-05 Fan Letters (To non-writers)
B-01-06 Letters to Politicians and Newspapers
B-01-06-a Divers Subjects
B-01-06-b Israel/Palestinians
B-02 Letters to Patricia Highsmith
B-02-01 Family Correspondence
B-02-02 Personal Correspondence
B-02-03 Business Correspondence
B-02-04 Letters from Readers (sorted)
B-02-05 Letters from Readers (unsorted)
B-03 Letters between Third Persons
B-04 Thematical Correspondence
B-04-a Thematical Bundles
B-04-b Unsorted Letters
B-04-b-01 Copies of Letters
B-04-b-02 Letters in/from Scrapbooks and Diaries
B-04-c Original Correspondence Folders [empty]
B-04-d Documents from Correspondence Files


Letters from Patricia Highsmith


Family Correspondence

Cote Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-01-01-?NI ?, Nini Moncourt  1972 1 Friend of mother. Re: parents of PH, inheritance.
B-01-01-COAD Coates, Dan_O. London / Collioure [?], New Hope, PA, Montmachoux, Moncourt, Aurigeno, Tegna  1966-1994 80 Rem.: First cousin,a.k.a. "bro" and "Dan O." Some of the letters are also, or only, addressed to Florine Coates (Dan's wife).
s.a. C-03-c,
s.a. C-03-c-18,
s.a. C-03-c-20,
s.a. C-03-c-21,
s.a. C-03-c-22,
s.a. C-03-c-23
B-01-01-COAW Coates, Willie Mae Stewart n.p.  s.d. 1 Rem.: Maternal grandmother, a.k.a. "Grandma Coates". This is the first known correspondence by PH, written around 7 years of age. Letter by PH written as a child.
Dat.: Additional dates: ca. 1928
s.a. C-03-c-16
B-01-01-HIGM Highsmith, Mary Coates Munich, Zurich, Earl Soham (Suffolk), London, Montmachoux, Moncourt, n.p.  1951-1973 16 Rem.: Mother. Some letters also addressed to Stanley Highsmith.
Dat.: Additional dates: n.d.
s.a. C-03-c-17,
s.a. C-03-c-19,
s.a. C-03-c-24,
s.a. C-03-c-27,
s.a. C-03-c-28
B-01-01-HIGS Highsmith, Stanley Montmachoux, Moncourt  1970 5 Stepfather.
B-01-01-PLAJ Plangman, Jay Bernard Moncourt  1971-1973 5 Father.


Personal Correspondence

Cote Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-01-02-?VIR ?, Virginia Moncourt  1972 1 Several possibilities: Schweizer, Sinclair, Catherwood. Probably none of the above, according to Kingsley 30/8/99.
B-01-02-BARN Barnard Alumnae, Editor Moncourt  1972 2 Racism (cf. 967-9, 973 and 966, 970, 972).
B-01-02-BARR Barrois, ? (Mr) Moncourt  1977 1  
B-01-02-BERC Berch, Bettina Aurigeno, Tegna  1983-1994 38 (all photocopies) Donation by Bettina Berch, 1997.
B-01-02-BOW Bowles, Paul Tegna  1989 1 Writer.
B-01-02-BRY Bryant, Anita (Miss) Moncourt  1978 1 Former actress? Lost her job as salesperson for Florida Orange Juice because of negative comments on homosexuality.
B-01-02-BUS Busch, Walther n.p.  1978 1 German actor. Friend of Morneweg.
B-01-02-CHAS Chasen, Heather Montmachoux  1969 4 Attached to letter from Jan 8th 1969: 1 letter from Barbara Ker-Seymer to PH, Jan 6th [1969]; drawing on the back of mentioned Highsmith letter [from PH or H.Ch.?]Acquisition Sotheby’s 2000/2011 (SLA.2011.Kl.08) (together with 8 presentation copies of PHs works).
B-01-02-CLAD Clarke, Dora (Mrs) Moncourt  1974 2 From Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire.
B-01-02-CLAS Clarke, Stewart (Dr.) Tegna  1993 1 London doctor.
B-01-02-EVE Cline, J. Everett Moncourt  1976 2  
  Highsmith, Patricia to Curry, Betty ; Correspondence       Rem.: Cousin of Jean Tinguely, Swiss artist. see Mega-byte Technical Resources Ltd. B-03-MEG-BERN
s. B-03-MEG-BERN
B-01-02-FRE French PTT Moncourt  1973 1  
B-01-02-HILL Hill, Ellen n.p.  1978-1982 2 367 answers Ellen 368. Deceased Feb? 1999. Sociologist. Worked with UN (Displaced Persons Committee?).
B-01-02-ISR Israel, Lee Moncourt  1974 2 re: Judy Holliday biography.
B-01-02-JAC Jackson, Gina Aurigeno  1984 1 re: Natica Waterbury.
B-01-02-JEB Jebb, Julian Moncourt  1978 1 BBC producer? Deceased [cf. 126]
B-01-02-KER Ker-Seymer, Barbara Earl Soham (Suffolk), Montmachoux, Moncourt, Aurigeno  1966-1984 249 Acquisition 30.11.1998
B-01-02-KIP Kipniss, Rachel [Kip] Moncourt  1974 1 Salesperson at Bloomingdale's. re: Mary Sullivan Bloomfield's death.
B-01-02-LAS Laszlo, Carl Moncourt  1978-1980 10 At the bottom of the first letter from 1978: "Other side of page: a conversation [...] Die Szene: Kneipe, Berlin, 3 Uhr morgen." With a drawing by PH and a balloon: "ABER MEIN BIER STEHT DA!!!!" Attachment: Envelopes.Acquisitions 1997/98.
B-01-02-LAS2 Highsmith, Patricia to Laszlo, Carl ; Correspondence Moncourt, Aurigeno  1979-1982 5 letters + 1 Christmas card + 1 envelope Acquisition 2019 (SLA.2019.Kl.11)
B-01-02-LAT Latimer, Charles Moncourt, Aurigeno, Tegna  1968-1994 409 Worked at Heinemann, but not PH's editor.Acquired at Sotheby's, London, 17.7.1997, except 544.Div. attachments, among them: Copy of typewritten "Last Will and Testament" of PH (1977); "Inventory of hard cover first editions at PH house" (1987); Copies of "Last Will and Testament" of PH, typewritten and handwritten versions (1988); Memorabilia, PH obituaries (1995).
  Highsmith, Patricia to Lexow, Zanne ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Z Films B-01-02-ZFIL
s. B-01-02-ZFIL
B-01-02-LOSP Losey, Patricia Aurigeno, Tegna  1984-1992 45 + suppl. document Rem.: Wife of film director Joseph Losey. Deceased.Acquired at Sotheby's, London (1998), except 434. Suppl. document: 1 MS. by PH:"Some Christmases - Mine or Anybody's", 10 pp. (photocopies).
s.a. B-02-02-LOSPb
B-01-02-LUES Lüscher, Ingeborg Tegna  1991-1993 20 letters + 3 suppl. Artist. Wife of Harald Szeemann. Neighbour of PH in Tegna.Donation 2003.
B-01-02-MACN MacNeice, Hedli [Aurigeno]  1982 1 Widow of poet Louis MacNeice. Letter acquired 1996.
B-01-02-MEN Menninger, Karl Tegna  1989 1 Psychiatrist. Author of The Human Mind.
B-01-02-NAG Nagy, Phyllis Aurigeno, Tegna  1987-1994 74 (photocopies) Playwright. Donation by Phyllis Nagy.
B-01-02-PER Perry, Alain Moncourt  1981 1 Neighbor.
B-01-02-ROY Royal Free Hospital [Tegna]  1992 1 1196 is receipt for 750 pounds.
B-01-02-SAI Said, Edward W. (Prof.) Aurigeno  1988 1 Writer and Professor at Columbia University, NYC.
B-01-02-SIM Simone, Barbara (Dr.) Tegna  1994 1 2 x same letter, 1026x is an envelope.
B-01-02-SKA Skattebøl, Kate Kingsley Earl Soham (Suffolk), Montmachoux, Moncourt  1942-1994 295 Rem.: 386: Does GKK want to be executor of will?Part of the letters addressed to Skattebøl, Winifer (Elby). Div. attachments, among them: Copies of correspondence with Joan Dupont (1988) and copy "Last will and Testament" of PH (1988). New Year's card with originaldrawing "The Nimble-Footed Clod or Flying Potato" by PH (Odds and Ends).Donation 25.8.1997, except 386.
s.a. C-02-b/14
B-01-02-SKA_(COPIES) Skattebøl, Kate Kingsley Earl Soham (Suffolk), Montmachoux, Moncourt  1942-1994 295 Copies, part 1 and 2: Complete set of copies including transcriptions of handwritten letters and explaining notes by Kate Kingsley Skattebøl.
B-01-02-SKE Skelton, Barbara Tegna  1990 1 Questions on Ripley Under Water [cf. 901]. Novelist. Ex-wife of Cyril Connelly, literary critic. Wrote article on PH in London Magazine Oct-Nov 1995.
B-01-02-SLA Slater, Julia Aurigeno  1988 1 Time article Sept 5.
B-01-02-STAE Staeps, Hans Ulrich [Aurigeno]  1988 1 Acquired at Stargardt auction 1999.
B-01-02-STRE Streiff, David Aurigeno, Tegna  1982-1994 38 (photocopies) Copies donated by David Streiff, 2006.At the time Director Film festival Locarno.
B-01-02-SZO Szogyi, Alex Earl Soham (Suffolk), Samois-sur-Seine, Montmachoux, Moncourt  1965-1981 69 (photocopies), 2 birthday cards (photocopies) Professor of Romance Languages at Hunter College.Copies donated by Alex Szogyi, 1997. The carbon copy letter (370 [*beg]) was found in PH papers.
B-01-02-TAG Tager, Milton L [Judy] (Mrs) Moncourt  1972 3 Racism.
B-01-02-VID Vidal, Gore Tegna  1989 1 Novelist and essayist.
B-01-02-ZFIL Z Films; Lexow, Zanne n.p.  1994 1  


Business Correspondence

Cote Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-01-03-AMM Ammann, Tobias Moncourt, Aurigeno, Tegna  1980-1994 33 + suppl. documents Architect of Aurigeno and Tegna houses. Suppl. documents: Plans and photographs of Tegna house.Donation 2002
B-01-03-ATA Atag Ernst & Young; Scowden, Marylin [Tegna]  1991 1 PH's last accountant. Handled all estate tax matters. No longer with Atag.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Belkan, Stanley ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Warner Bros. International B-01-03-WAR
s. B-01-03-WAR
  Highsmith, Patricia to Benton, ? (Mr) ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Crime Writers Association B-01-03-CRIM
s. B-01-03-CRIM
B-01-03-BLOOF Bloomsbury Publishing; Forder, Sarah-Jane Aurigeno  1987 4  
  Highsmith, Patricia to Bradley, Jenny ; Correspondence       Rem.: Wife of William Bradley.see (WA) Bradley agency B-01-03-BRAJ
s. B-01-03-BRAJ
B-01-03-BRAJ (WA) Bradley Agency; Bradley, Jenny Moncourt  1971 2  
  Highsmith, Patricia to Bragg, Melvyn ; Correspondence       Rem.: MB=Producer of South Bank Show on PH (including clip on Ripley). cf. Video of this in PH papers. see South Bank Show B-01-03-SOUT
s. B-01-03-SOUT
  Highsmith, Patricia to Brown, Terry ; Correspondence       Rem.: see University of Wisconsin B-01-03-UNIW; cf. 1032 B-02-03-UNIW
s. B-01-03-UNIW,
s. B-02-03-UNIW
B-01-03-CALC Calmann-Lévy; Cohen-Seat, Jean-Etienne Tegna  1990 5 PDG.
B-01-03-CALN Calmann-Lévy; Nora, M. Oliver Tegna  1990 1 re: tv series.
B-01-03-CALO Calmann-Lévy; Oulman, Alain Tegna  1989 2 PH's editor at Calmann-Lévy, died March 29, 1990. 1 additional letter from Alain Oulman to PH is deposited under B-04-a-KOE.
B-01-03-CAR Caramella, Marisa Tegna  1989 2 Italian translator.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Cohen-Seat, Jean-Etienne ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Calmann-Lévy B-01-03-CALC
s. B-01-03-CALC
B-01-03-COP Copyright Office [Tegna]  1994 1 Library of Congress, cf. 1034x, 1035x
B-01-03-CRIM Crime Writers Association; Benton, ? (Mr) Moncourt  1974 1  
B-01-03-DIOK Diogenes; Keel, Daniel Tegna  1981-1994 4  
B-01-03-DIOP Diogenes; Planta, Anna von [Tegna]  1994.02.12 1 PH's editor.
B-01-03-DIOR Diogenes; Reutter, Christina Tegna  1993 2 Lawyer at Diogenes. Later with ZDF tv.
B-01-03-DUP Dupont, Joan [Tegna]  1988-1989 2 4 x the same, but 1080-1081 dated 15/10/89, not 12/12/89. Also cosigned by Dupont (often works for IHT).
B-01-03-ELLH Ellery Queen; Hutchings, Janet [Tegna]  1992 1 cf. 1036
B-01-03-FED Federated League of Americans round the Globe [Tegna]  1991 1  
  Highsmith, Patricia to Forder, Sarah-Jane ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Bloomsbury Publishing B-01-03-BLOOF
s. B-01-03-BLOOF
B-01-03-FRIEM Friedensuniversität; Morawetz, Uwe Tegna  1994 2 Addressed to "International Peace University, Potsdam". 1067x is an envelope.
B-01-03-GIR Girsberger, Bettina (Dr.) [Tegna]  1991 1 Taxes.
B-01-03-GUI Guinard, Mavis [Tegna]  1991 1 Interviewer.
B-01-03-HAR Harmon, James L. Tegna  1990 1 Editor of Take My Advice.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Heggie, Peter ; Correspondence       Rem.: see The Authors Guild, Inc. B-01-03-THEAH
s. B-01-03-THEAH
B-01-03-HEN Hendricks-Engstroem, Barbara [Tegna]  1991 1 Opera singer. re: taxes.
B-01-03-HTV HTV; Taylor, Ysanne Tegna  1991 2 British commercial tv.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Hutchings, Janet ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Ellery Queen B-01-03-ELLH. cf. 1036
s. B-01-03-ELLH
  Highsmith, Patricia to Ingrams, Richard ; Correspondence       Rem.: Editor. Formerly editor of Private Eye. see The Oldie B-01-03-THEOI
s. B-01-03-THEOI
B-01-03-IRS IRS Tegna  1990 1 Assistant Comm. International re: taxation.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Johnson, Curt ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Who's Who B-01-03-WHO
s. B-01-03-WHO
  Highsmith, Patricia to Keel, Daniel ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Diogenes B-01-03-DIOK
s. B-01-03-DIOK
B-01-03-KUF Kuffer, Jean-Louis n.p.  1988 1 Journalist for 24 Heures (French-language Swiss newspaper). Wrote article on PH for Magazine littéraire.
B-01-03-LUM Lumbroso, ? (Mr) Moncourt  1973 1 re: script Deep Water.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Morawetz, Uwe ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Friedenuniversität B-01-03-FRIEM
s. B-01-03-FRIEM
  Highsmith, Patricia to Nora, M. Oliver ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Calmann-Lévy B-01-03-CALN
s. B-01-03-CALN
  Highsmith, Patricia to Oulman, Alain ; Correspondence       Rem.: see Calmann-Lévy B-01-03-CALO
s. B-01-03-CALO
  Highsmith, Patricia to Planta, Anna von ; Correspondence       Rem.: PH's editor. see Diogenes B-01-03-DIOP
s. B-01-03-DIOP
B-01-03-REI Reichardt, ? (Mr) Montmachoux  1970 1 Critic.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Reutter, Christina ; Correspondence       Rem.: Lawyer at Diogenes. Later with ZDF tv. see Diogenes B-01-03-DIOR
s. B-01-03-DIOR
B-01-03-SAL Salvioni, Sergio (Dr.) Tegna  1991 1 PH's lawyer, member of Swiss Parliament, neighbor in Tegna. 1053 is draft of 1052, on rear of 1052 letter from Diogenes.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Scowden, Marylin ; Correspondence       Rem.: PH's last accountant. Handled all estate tax matters. No longer with Atag. see Atag Ernst & Young B-01-03-ATA
s. B-01-03-ATA
B-01-03-SOUT South Bank Show; Bragg, Melvyn n.p.  1983 1 Producer of South Bank Show on PH (including clip on Ripley). cf. Video of this in PH papers.
B-01-03-STE Steffen, ? (Dr.) Tegna  1994 1 Interviewer? Translator?
  Highsmith, Patricia to Sundell, Michael G. ; Correspondence       Rem.: President o Yaddo. see Yaddo B-01-03-YADS
s. B-01-03-YADS
  Highsmith, Patricia to Taylor, Ysanne ; Correspondence       Rem.: see HTV B-01-03-HTV
s. B-01-03-HTV
B-01-03-THEAH The Authors Guild, Inc.; Heggie, Peter Samois-sur-Seine  1968 1  
B-01-03-THEAW The Authors Guild, Inc.; Wong, Gary [Tegna]  1994 1 Legal intern. On rear of 1/2 p letter from Diogenes.
B-01-03-THEOI The Oldie; Ingrams, Richard Tegna  1994 1 Editor. Formerly editor of Private Eye.
B-01-03-UHD Uhde, Anne; Uhde, Ursula Moncourt, Aurigeno, Tegna  1973-1991 57 + suppl. documents Anne Uhde: German translator.Suppl. documents: 18 letters from Anne Uhde to PH, Hamburg, 1982/1991.(Among them many carbon copies, 2 "Abschriften"). 1 letter from Peter Böbbis (Die Welt) to Anne Uhde, Bonn, 1986. 1 letter concerning "Who's who der Übersetzer", Harenberg Kommunikation, 1982. 2 pp. translations notes, 3 photographs (col.)PH gardening in front of her house in Moncourt (?). 1 p interpretation of the story "The Day of Reckoning", by PH herself.Acquisitions 2002, 2007
B-01-03-UNIW University of Wisconsin; Brown, Terry New York City  1991 (ca.) 1 cf. 1032. [Tegna]. Address PH: c/o Atlantic Monthly Press.
B-01-03-WAR Warner Bros. International; Belkan, Stanley n.p.  1983 1  
B-01-03-WHO Who's Who; Johnson, Curt Zürich  1991 1 Address PH: c/o Diogenes.
  Highsmith, Patricia to Wong, Gary ; Correspondence       Rem.: see The Authors Guild, Inc. B-01-03-THEAW
s. B-01-03-THEAW
B-01-03-YADS Yaddo; Sundell, Michael G. Tegna  1994 2 President of Yaddo. 1036x is draft of 1035x on rear of letter from Diogenes.


Letters to Readers

Cote Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-01-04-RAW Rawson, V (Val) A Moncourt  1974 1 cf. 312.


Fan Letters (To non-writers)

Cote Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-01-05-DIE Dietrich, Marlene Moncourt  1978 1 Actress. re: Filmfestspiele Berlin 1978.
B-01-05-JANS Janssens, Abe Aurigeno  1987 1 Piano player.
B-01-05-TRU Trudeau, G (Garry) B [Aurigeno]  1985 1 Doonesbury cartoonist.


Letters to Politicians and Newspapers


Divers Subjects

Some of the letters are written under pseudonym: cf. "used name" or "pseud." under Further Info / Remarks
Cote Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-01-06-a-BENL Bentsen, Lloyd (Sen.) Aurigeno  1987 1 U.S. Senate. 1986 Tax Reform Act.
B-01-06-a-IHT International Herald Tribune Intragna  1989 1 Appleby, Prissilla [pseud]. 1076 is article PH comments on, but from which newspaper? Re: Vice President Dan Quayle's spelling mistakes.
B-01-06-a-DIV Div. div.  1968-1980 7 Bundle of letters re: American citizens abroad (taxes); the Pope's decision to bar the Pill (1968); Mark Chapman, killer of John Lennon (1980), drugs/brain. Including letter to and from US-Senator William Proxmire. Attachment: newspaper cuttings. Including original folder "Newspaper Cuttings, Letters '77-79'".



Some of the letters are written under pseudonym, see "used name" or "pseud." under Further Info / Remarks
Cote Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-01-06-b-/01 Washington Post Zürich (c/o Diogenes)  1989 1 Name used: Patricia Highsmith. re: Israel. 5 x the same letter. 1096 and 1097 are signed (original signature) of carbons. 1106-8 are copies of yet another version of signed letter (copies of original?).
B-01-06-b-/02 Baker, Sec. of State James Tegna  1991 1 Author: Patricia Highsmith. 1216 is signed original. 1217, 1218 and 1219 are photocopies of 1216.1347: Draft of letter to Mr Pfaff. With h.w. corrections. cf. 1348.
B-01-06-b-/03 Wm. Pfaff n.p.  1990 1 Name used: Patricia Highsmith. cf. 1347. carbon? unsigned1349: Draft of dedication in People Who Knock on the Door, beg.: "To the dead and the fighting...".1350: Draft of letter?/note? beg.: "The Palestinian (quoted by Jim Hoagland, IHT Mar )...".
B-01-06-b-/04 [probably Time] Tegna  s.d. 1 Name used: M. P. Highsmith. carbon? unsigned, beg.: "Bush's statement (Time 30 Sept)...".1352: Note beg.: "The Presidents Americans admire...".
B-01-06-b-/05 IHT [Maggia]  1990 1 Name used: Isabell Littell [pseud.]. carbon? signed. cf. 1378 where the IHT ref occurs.
B-01-06-b-/06 James Baker, Sec. of State Tegna  1991 1 Name used: Patricia Highsmith. carbon? signed, one h.w. correction.1355: Note beg.: "Be it tunderstood [sic], Mr Krauthammer,..." on rear of [?]1356: Draft of letter?/Note beg.: "Charles Krauthammer (Feb 26, Time)...".
B-01-06-b-/07 James A. Baker III Tegna  1990 1 Name used: Patricia Highsmith. cf. 1358. carbon? unsigned1358: Draft of 1357 to James A. Baker III. on rear of letter to PH from AL LIDO.1359: Newspaper article 13/12/90, beg.: "INJURED. Ed Koch, 66,...".
B-01-06-b-/08 [probably Time] [Locarno]  1991 1 cf. 1361. carbon? signedName used: Maria L. Leone [pseud.]. 1361: Draft of 1360, signed Marietta L. Leoni, with h.w. corrections. On rear of Atlantic Monthly Press release on PH.1362: Note beg.: "Americans--after their initial shock..." With h.w. corrections.1363: Note beg.: "If any people know Mein Kampf..." With h.w. corrections and note: "8/9/89 R.K. [?] letter".1364: Draft of letter?/note, beg.: "TIME Not for Time to make a moral judgement..." h.w. figures crossed out.1365: Draft of letter?/note, beg.:"Hasn't the public had enough of Mr Bush's extended hands?" h.w. corrections. On rear of letter from Harvard University.1366: Small handwritten note: "Jer Maja" [?].
B-01-06-b-/09 [probably Time] [Faido]  1992 1 Name used: Janet Tamagni [pseud.]. carbon? signed.
B-01-06-b-/10 Leslie H. Gelb [IHT] n.p.  1991 1 Name used: P. Highsmith. carbon? signed Patricia Highsmith.
B-01-06-b-/11 Dole, Robert (Sen.) Tegna  1990 1 Name used: Patricia Highsmith. carbon? signed.
B-01-06-b-/12 [?] [Losone]  1990 1 Name used: Eddie Stefano [pseud.]. carbon? signed
B-01-06-b-/13 [?] [Muralto, Locarno]  1990 1 Name used: Elaine Dutweiler [pseud.]. carbon? signed.1372: Note beg.: "The arrogant take-over of ...". On rear of statement from Manufacturers Hanover.1373: Draft of letter, beg.: "Re: Krauthammer's article (Feb. 26)...". With h.w. corrections. On rear of letter from The Howard League. Krauthammer is noted journalist.1374: Note beg.: "With some 200,000 USA troops in..." with h.w. corrections.1375: Note beg.: "In Europe, many are sayin g [sic] that Kahane...". On rear of letter from Geraldine Cooke, Penguin Books Ltd.
B-01-06-b-/14 IHT? [Locarno]  1990 1 Name used: Phyllis Cutler [pseud.]. cf. 1377. carbon? signed1377: Draft of 1376 with h.w. corrections
B-01-06-b-/15 IHT [Maggia]  1990 1 Name used: Isabel Littell [pseud.]. carbon? signed. draft of 13531379: Note beg.: "Re: the Central Park gang rape...". On rear of letter from Calgiani Impresa di pittura.
B-01-06-b-DIV_01 Div. div.  1977-1987 9 Including letters to: US President Jimmy Carter, as well as letters from and to:David Watkins, Colin Jackson (members of British Parliament / House of commons)Names used: Isabel Littell, Marietta L. Leoni, Janet Tamagni, Eddie Stefano, Elaine Dutweiler, Prissila Appleby, Phyllis Cutler.
B-01-06-b-DIV_02 Div. div.  1988-1989 c. 75 letters and/or letter drafts Rem.: Including note "INTEFADA" and 1 letter to Sen. Bob Dole.Names used: Ernie S., Joachim Tegler, Alice F. Smith, Betty Fitzgerald, Douglas Clemente, Alan Goodman, Stephen J. Whittier, Gary McIver, Sid M. Chernoy, Rudolf Vedova, Eric Levornay, Philip J. Osborne, Richard H. Rieff, Christina Toebli, Hubert L. Mendeles, Letitia Biaggi, Philip Bewley, Edwina L. Wilson, A. Proudfoot Grasshopper a.k.a. Rowena Mulhaney, Howard J. Perry, Joanne Lehmann, Phyllis L. Kautla, Maria-Luisa Rosarto, Josephine Ruelt, Robt. R. Bowie, Rowena G. Shawn
Dat.: Additional dates: s.d.
B-01-06-b-DIV_03 Div. div.  1983-1989 c. 40 letters and/or letter drafts Rem.: Including letter from: PH to Martin Mendelsohn, Arnold Hottinger, and letters to: Sen. John Glenn, Walter MondaleNames used: Terry L. Marsednor, Stephen L. Bicklow, Kenneth J. Hughes, Hubert F. Margolies, Elliott Davies, David Winders, Eric Leoni, Scott L. Jowett, Dominic Sanzini, Erika Kramer
Dat.: Additional dates: s.d.