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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Letters
Scope and content : B-Correspondence: family correspondence, including a large collection of letters between Highsmith and her Texan first cousin Dan O. Coates, and letters between Highsmith and her mother Mary Coates Highsmith, father Jay B. Plangman and step-father Stanley Highsmith. Correspondence with publishers. Correspondence with friends, including a large number of letters to her life-long friend Kate Kingsley Skattebøl, and to Charles Latimer and Barbara Ker-Seymer, as well as copies of letters to Alex Szogyi, Phyllis Nagy and Bettina Berch. Letters from (and occasionally to) fellow writers, especially Graham Greene, Paul Bowles and Gore Vidal (for other established names in the Arts and Letters with a smaller number of letters see list below).
Cote : SLA-PH-B

B-01 Letters from Patricia Highsmith
B-01-01 Family Correspondence
B-01-02 Personal Correspondence
B-01-03 Business Correspondence
B-01-04 Letters to Readers
B-01-05 Fan Letters (To non-writers)
B-01-06 Letters to Politicians and Newspapers
B-01-06-a Divers Subjects
B-01-06-b Israel/Palestinians
B-02 Letters to Patricia Highsmith
B-02-01 Family Correspondence
B-02-02 Personal Correspondence
B-02-03 Business Correspondence
B-02-04 Letters from Readers (sorted)
B-02-05 Letters from Readers (unsorted)
B-03 Letters between Third Persons
B-04 Thematical Correspondence
B-04-a Thematical Bundles
B-04-b Unsorted Letters
B-04-b-01 Copies of Letters
B-04-b-02 Letters in/from Scrapbooks and Diaries
B-04-c Original Correspondence Folders [empty]
B-04-d Documents from Correspondence Files


Letters to Patricia Highsmith


Family Correspondence

Cote Sender Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-02-01-?HE ?, Hermagean n.p.  1990 1 Wife of Robert ? Probably relative of Walter Plangman.
B-02-01-ALF Alford, Millie n.p.  1970-1990 11 3rd cousin of PH. Worked at American Airlines.
B-02-01-COAJ Coates Matranga, JoAnn (Estelle) Houston (TX)  1985 (ca.) 1 Cousin.
B-02-01-COAD Coates, Dan O.; Coates, Florine Weatherford (TX)  1973-1993 96 Rem.: First cousin, ak.a.a. "bro" and "Dan O.". Rodeo announcer and producer. Breeder of Longhorn cattle and Appaloosa horses.Div. attachments: 4 col. photographs (cows). Drawing "Hiway-I-20 East". Note "MCH expenses". 50th resp. 25th Wedding Anniversary of Dan Coates (father and son, on rear of letter). Drawing ground plan House of grandparents Daniel Coates and Willie Mae in Fort Worth. Art. "Texas. How It Shaped The Appaloosa Industry / The Coates Legacy". Invitation "You're Invited to the Celebrity Celebration, Sun. April 8, 1990" (with handwritten greetings). Drawing map of the surroundings of grandparents' house in Fort Worth. Newspaper art. [on Dan Coates junior] "Dan Coates: The straigth shooter of the Lightnin' C" (The Hood County News, August 11, 1990, p. 11A). 2 art.: "The Noble Steeds of Excalibur. You can visit medieval England by going to Las Vegas", "Horses & People" (2 pp.) 1 prospectus "Dan Coates. Sculptor of The West". Obituary (from newspaper ?, November 28, 1991) "William P. Bomar, artist and native of Fort Worth". 2 different calling-cards of Dan O. Coates (one private and the other "North Texas Longhorn Breeders Association").
s.a. B-02-01-COADA
B-02-01-COADA Coates, Dan Granbury (TX)  1992 1 Rem.: Financial services executive, sculptor. Son of Dan O. Coates. see B-02-01-COAD
s.a. B-02-01-COAD
B-02-01-COAS Coates, Stewart Houston (TX)  1974-1985 4 Cousin.
B-02-01-CRA Cralick [Cralicky], Jeva Brooklyn (NY)  1973-1987 12 Commercial artist, friend of Mary Coates Highsmith (mother). Met at Women's Wear Daily.
B-02-01-FLI Flint, Kelly n.p.  1988 1 Cousin? Friend of Millie Alford.
B-02-01-HIGM Highsmith, Mary Coates Fort Worth (TX)  1961-1974 54 Rem.: Many letters incomplete and without date. Attachment: 2 envelopes with handwritten note by PH "For Doctor Or Psychiatrist Only".Mother.
s.a. C-03-c-33
B-02-01-HIGS Highsmith, Stanley Fort Worth (TX)  1967-1970 4 Stepfather.
B-02-01-HIN Hinds, Sarah El Paso (TX)  1970 1 Incomplete letter.Cousin of Mary Highsmith.
B-02-01-KNE Kneusel, Ruby Sinking Spring (PA), Houston (TX)  1967-1970 3 Relative of PH. Sister of Estelle and Stewart.
B-02-01-PLAJ Plangman, Jay Bernard Fort Worth (TX)  1964-1975 29 Father.
B-02-01-PLAW Plangman, Walter Little Rock (Arkansas)  1971-1986 14 Uncle. Brother of J. B. Plangman.
B-02-01-SMI Smith, Caren n.p.  1993 1 Relative of PH. Daughter of Ruby Kneusel. Eugene Schwartz: Ex father-in-law of Caren Smith.Attachment: 1 letter from Eugene Schwartz to PH, Delray Beach (FL), 1993.
B-02-01-STE Stewart, William Alex Panama City (FL)  1993-1994 3 Relative of PH.Attachment: 3 photos (col.) showing Mr Stewart with relatives, on one of the photographs in sheriff uniform. 1 newspaper art. (photocopy) "Will I. Martin - Dr. O. W. Stewartwas among early leaders" (The Gadsden Times, 2 Dec. 1949) with information on Stewart genealogy.


Personal Correspondence

Cote Sender Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-02-02-?UN1 Unknown1 County Cork  1973 (ca.) 1  
B-02-02-?UN2 Unknown2 Moret-sur-Loing  1986-1989 2  
B-02-02-?UN3 Unknown3 Oxford  1975 1  
B-02-02-?UN4 Unknown5 n.p.  1993 (ca.) 1  
B-02-02-?UN5 Unknown6 The Corner House, Bletchingdon (Oxfordshire)  1992-1993 3  
B-02-02-?UN6 Unknown7 Paris  1991 1 Card
B-02-02-?UN7 Unknown8 Minneapolis (MN)  1991 1 Address is c/o D. Crabb. 1220 original. Other numbers are copies.
B-02-02-?UN8 Unknown9 n.p.  1994 1 Greetings card with dried flowers on cover.
B-02-02-?ANNI ?, Annie Châteaudouble  1974 (ca.) 1 Prob not Annie of 244. An Annie in d: April 1945 (connected to Cornell), also not Annie Corbier of 1289.
B-02-02-?BON ?, Bona Paris  1976 1 Not known to Kingsley 1/9/99.
B-02-02-?DAN ?, Danielle Zürich  1989 1 Kingsley doesn't know 30/8/99.
B-02-02-?DON ?, Donald n.p.  1984 1 Not known to Kingsley 1/9/99.
B-02-02-?DORO ?, Dorothy and Buster Hove (Sussex)  1941 1 Not known to Kingsley 1/9/99.
B-02-02-?FRA ?, Françoise Moncourt  1983 1 From neighborhood.
B-02-02-?GLA ?, Gladys Grez-sur-Loing  1990-1994 2 Gladys Harrison?
B-02-02-?ISA ?, Isabel Little Sampford? (Essex)  1991.03 1 Rem.: Friend from days in Earl Soham? Kingsley doesn't know 30/8/99. Isabel Taylor? see black photo album with gold tooling, #523.
Dat.: March (?) '91 in PH handwriting
B-02-02-?JAN ?, Jan n.p.  1993 1 Jan Perry of d: Oct 1946? Kingsley doesn't know.
B-02-02-?JANE ?, Jane n.p.  1974 1 No indication that it is Jane Bowles, although it could be. Kingsley doesn't know.
B-02-02-?VIC ?, Vicente Paris  1985 1 Not known to Kingsley 1/9/99, but mentioned in d: 6/3/1944.
B-02-02-?JIM ?, Jimmy Hatch Manor  1973 1 Not known to Kingsley 1/9/99.
B-02-02-?LIS ?, Lisa Munich  1983 1  
B-02-02-?PEG ?, Peggy Trenton (NJ)  1970 1 Not known to Kingsley 1/9/99. Letter head: New Jersey State Museum.
B-02-02-?RAT ?, Ratus n.p.  1987 (ca.) 1 illustrator?
B-02-02-?SAS ?, Sascha Zürich  1989 1 Not known to Kingsley 1/9/99.
B-02-02-ABO Aboudaram, Marion Malicorne, Paris  1974-1985 16 Worked in art gallery. Companion.
B-02-02-ADL Adler, Bunny Wivenhoe (Essex)  1967-1968 1 Friend of Marc Brandel.
B-02-02-AND Anderson, Betsy Kearns Santa Fe (NM)  1988-1989 2  
B-02-02-ARB Arban, Dominique Paris  1974 1 Writer?
B-02-02-ASW Aswell, Mary Louise Santa Fe (NM)  s.d. 1  
B-02-02-ATW Atwood, Margaret n.p.  1988 1 Canadian writer.
B-02-02-BAC Baccialone, Luc (Dr.) Briare (France)  1972 1 Medecin-Directeur, Hôpital de Briare
B-02-02-BAL Balokovíc, Joyce Camden (ME)  1968 1 re: death of Ethel Sturtevant.
B-02-02-BAR Barclay, Louzelle Fort Worth (TX)  1967 2  
B-02-02-BARN Barnard College; Remmer, Patricia C New York City  1994 1  
B-02-02-BERC Berch, Bettina New York City, Belize  1987-1994 19 Including photographs from Belize.Professor of economics at Barnard. Also writer.
B-02-02-BERN Bernardi, Vivien De [Ticino]  1990 1 Teacher of learning disabled children.
B-02-02-BLOC Block, Michel East Hampton (NY)  1982 1 Pianist.
B-02-02-BLOOM Bloomfield, Mary Sullivan New York City  1973-1974 4 Mary Sullivan died April 19, 1974. Née Mary Sullivan.
B-02-02-BLU Blumenschein, Tabea Berlin  1987-1988 13 Actress, costume designer, singer.
B-02-02-BLY Blythe, Ronald Woodbridge (Suffolk), Bottengoms Farm (Colchester)  1967-1991 19 Old neighbor from Earl Soham. Writer of Akenfield Farm. PH note on letter: "Chas. L. Nation" = Charles Latimer in Nation Mag.
B-02-02-BOW Bowles, Paul Tangier  1988-1994 37 Writer and composer.
B-02-02-BRAE Braendstrup, Gerd Copenhagen  1968-1976 3 Friend or reader?
B-02-02-BRAK Brakel, Nouchka E. van Amsterdam  1990 1 Film director
B-02-02-BRAN Brandel, Marc; Brandel, Edith San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), Santa Monica (CA), London  1979-1991 19 Novelist. Marc Brandel deceased.
B-02-02-BRE Brennan, Kay Beirut, NY  1967-1989 3 Journalist
B-02-02-BRO Brophy, Brigid London  1969-1990 13 Author, editor.
B-02-02-BUF Buffet, Monique Paris, Vélizy  1979-1993 3 English and French teacher in public school system.
  Bulle, E.       Rem.: see Centre Hospitalier Général de Nemours B-02-02-CEN
s. B-02-02-CEN
B-02-02-BUS Busch, Walther Berlin  1979-1987 3 Actor.
B-02-02-CAL Caldwell, Annie Duveen Saint-Paul-de-Vence  1970 1  
B-02-02-CAM Cameron, Polly Snedens [on the Hudson]  1990 1  
B-02-02-CAR Carter, Ann Smith Miami [?], Rhinelander [?] (WI), Ashtabula (OH)  1987-1992 10 Maiden name is Smith. Knows PH from the 40's. Painter. Married in the 60's.
B-02-02-CEN Centre Hospitalier Général de Nemours; Bulle, E.; Hochart, Charles Nemours  1988 2  
B-02-02-CHA Chasen, Heather n.p.  1990 (ca.) 1 English actress.
B-02-02-CLAD Clarke, Dora (Mrs) Reading (UK)  1974 4 From Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire and The Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club.
B-02-02-CLAR Clarke, Roger Yarmouth, Oxford, Calbourne, Hay-on-Wye, Marlborough (Wiltshire), Devon  1982-1990 12 Poet, book reviewer, journalist, 618-9 is portrait of Clarke.
B-02-02-COH Cohen, Anthea Isle of Wight  1987-1993 5 Writer (cf. also letter on tape in SLA papers)
  Collins, Mugisa J.       Rem.: see (K.) Executive Club B-02-02-EXE
s. B-02-02-EXE
B-02-02-COMA Comerford, Anthony [Tony] London  1972 1 293 Husband of Barbara Comerford. Deceased. "Pillar" of The Economists'. Bookshop. Adopted by family of Elizabeth Emanuel.
B-02-02-COMB Comerford, Barbara London (St John's Wood)  1984-1991 40 + 1 address list  
B-02-02-COMM Comerford, Michael n.p.  1987 1 Son of Barbara and Anthony Comerford.
B-02-02-CON Constable, Rosalind New York City, Santa Fe (NM)  1982-1985 29 Art critic for Fortune magazine [?]. Met PH in the 40's. deceased.
B-02-02-CUR Curry, Betty New York City  1977 1  
B-02-02-DAH Dahm, Andreas Berlin  1987 1  
B-02-02-DAVJ David, Jean (Jeannot) Paris, Marseille  1971-1975 4 Died c. July 1991 (cf. 741 from his wife Sylvia David).
B-02-02-DAVS David, Sylvia Marseille  1991 1 wife of Jean David
B-02-02-DEJ De Jouvenel, Colette Beaumont du Gâtinais  1969 2 d: Jan and Apr 1969. Daughter of Colette, the French writer, who published stories to her daughter "Bel Gazou". Born 1913, dead 1981 or 1985?
B-02-02-DORR Dorris, Edwin C. Paris  1968-1982 2 Artist (drawings), 217 is drawing, 216 is envelope also a drawing in Regional Museum, Intragna. cf. PH article on Dorris.
B-02-02-DOWMAR Downey, Mary Schlieren  1992 1 Wife of Maurice Wilson Downey (incl photo of his grave)
B-02-02-DOWMAU Downey, Maurice Wilson Zürich  1987 1 Died 1991 (see 696 from Mary Downey)
B-02-02-EMA Emanuel, Elizabeth [Liz/Beyte] n.p.  1975 2 Barbara Comerford's sister-in-law.
B-02-02-EPP Epps, Daniel; Thomas, Anny Luxembourg  1984 1  
B-02-02-EXE (K.) Executive Club; Collins, Mugisa J. Kampala (Uganda)  1987 1  
B-02-02-FED Feder, Marianne Zürich?  1988 (ca.) 1 Works in reflexology.
B-02-02-FEN Fenwick, Elizabeth Walnut Creek (CA)  1970 1 [Used to be Elizabeth McBurney]; was at Yaddo with Highsmith?
B-02-02-GIL Gill, Trudi Vienna  1973 (ca.) 1 Wife of USA ambassador in Panama. Painter.
B-02-02-GLAN Glanville, Brian London  1985 1 Met PH in Florence. Sportswriter for The Sunday Times.
B-02-02-GREG Green, George [New York]  1963 1 Teacher. cf. date: May 3, 1963
B-02-02-GREGR Greene, Graham Paris, Antibes  1969-1990 22 Novelist, 1904-1991.
B-02-02-HAL Halonen, Lilja Anneli London  1987-1989 5  
  Hamilton, George       Rem.: Doctor who operated on blocked left thigh artery in Jan 1992. cf. also 1189 and 1190. see Royal Free Hospital B-02-02-ROYH
s. B-02-02-ROYH
B-02-02-HAN Handke, Peter Paris  1974 1 Austrian writer.
B-02-02-HAU Hauser, Ernest Rome  1983-1992 8 #558 includes handwritten note PH. Photo-journalist for Life (also Reader's Digest).
B-02-02-HILD Hildemann, Hilde[gard] Germany  1988 (ca.) 1 (born Peters); classmate from Barnard.
B-02-02-HILL Hill, Ellen Cavigliano  1978 1 [PH answer 367], sociologist.
B-02-02-HUB Huber-Speck, Peter (Dr.) Zürich  1990 1 Is Speck the name of his wife, attached to his own name? Taught English at Zürich university.
B-02-02-ING Ingalls, Joan n.p.  s.d. 1 Kingsley introduced her to PH.
B-02-02-ISR Israel, Lee New York City  1974 1 re: Judy Holliday biography. Holliday was in PH's class in Julia Richman Highschool. Her name at the time was Tuvim.
B-02-02-JAC Jackson, Gina Ithaca (NY)  1978-1993 8 Photo editor. re: Natica Waterbury.
B-02-02-JOH Johnson, Buffie New York City, Tangier  1973-1991 18 Artist and writer. Good friend of Paul Bowles.
B-02-02-JUN Junkin, Jinx Santa Fe (NM)  1992 1  
B-02-02-KEA Keating, H (Harry) R F London  1986 1 Fred Keating of d: June 1945?
B-02-02-KEN Kent, Jonathan London  1986-1987 3 Actor (Ripley in Melvin Bragg's South Bank Show on PH).
B-02-02-KER Kerr, Michael n.p.  1974 1 Friend of Michel Block and Charles Latimer.
B-02-02-KERS Ker-Seymer, Bar Islington (North London)  1968-1994 69 Ker-Seymer was artist/photographer.
B-02-02-KHA Khalidi, Rasha S. Cambridge (MA)  1984-1991 8 Wife of Walid Khalidi (cf. 1229), who is friend of Edward Said.
B-02-02-KIP Kipniss, Rachel [Kip] n.p.  1974 (ca.) 2 Salesperson at Bloomingdale's.
B-02-02-KME Kmet, Jacqueline; Kmet, Roland Moncourt-Fromonwille  1991-1992 3 477-8 is re: death of Mary Ryan.
B-02-02-KOE Koestler, Cynthia London  1968 1 Wife of Arthur Koestler. Deceased 1983.
B-02-02-KRA Kramer, Larry New York City  1971 1 American playwright and AIDS activist.
B-02-02-LAD Ladurner, Linda Montigny-sur-Loing, Munich  1988-1994 5 Photographer, but may know PH privately. d: Oct 31, 1990, in company of Frieda Sommer.
B-02-02-LAS Laszlo, Carl Basel  1979 1  
B-02-02-LAT Latimer, Charles Pt Roberts (WA), Key West, Brig, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Carnac-Rouffiac (Luzech), London  1973-1991 71 Worked at Heinemann, but not PH's editor.Attachments: 2 articles (book reviews), 1 photo (house Key West, attached to letter from march 1987)
B-02-02-LEP Leportois, Simonne Paris  1974-1988 2  
B-02-02-LOSY Losey, Joseph London  1972 1 Film director, 1909-1984.
B-02-02-LOSPa Losey, Patricia London  1984-1992 14 Wife of film director Joseph Losey. 574 is letter from daughter of Patricia Losey to her mother.
B-02-02-LOSPb Losey, Patricia London  1986-1992 27 + suppl. documents Rem.: Wife of film director Joseph Losey. Letter drafts and copies of letters from PL to PH (see B-01-02-LOSPa), including additional letters, acquired with B01-02-LOSP.
s.a. B-01-02-LOSP
B-02-02-LOU Loudensloger, Max n.p.  1991 1 1025 is article "Expat legislation given little chance", prob sent w/ 1048.
B-02-02-MACN MacNeice, Hedli [Paris]  1987 1 Knows son of Goronwy Rees (50's Russian spy scandals). [uncertain spelling]
B-02-02-MACY Macy, Gertrude [Gert] Sneden's Landing, Palisades (NY)  1974 1 Associated with Katherine Cornell (actress).
B-02-02-MAE Maerker, Christa Berlin  1987-1993 6 German film maker. Made fictional interview of PH for radio.
B-02-02-MAI Main, Betty New York City  1974-1993 8 Lived in same building as Margot Tome.
B-02-02-MARA Marsh, Aline London  1985-1994 5  
B-02-02-MARG Marsh, Gilbert "Gilly"   1987 43  
B-02-02-MARH Marsh, Hugo; Marsh, Miranda Oxon (UK)  1989 1 Hugo works at Sotheby's or Christie's. He is son of Gilbert and Aline Marsh.
B-02-02-MARR Martini, Rose n.p.  1974 1  
B-02-02-MAT Matthew, Christopher London  1994 1  
B-02-02-MCC McCarthy, Mary Paris  1978 1 Writer.
B-02-02-MCG [McGrey?], Mimi Benissa (Alicante)  1969 1 [also house in Paris]
B-02-02-MEA Meaker, Marijane [East Hampton]  1990-1993 11 Writer of books for young adults mostly, under pseudonyms M. E. Kerr, Vin Packer, Mary James and also lesbian fictions under Ann Aldrich.
B-02-02-MEN Menninger, Karl Topeka (KS)  1985-1989 3 Psychiatrist, author of The Human Mind.
B-02-02-MOEL Mölich, Ingeborg Aurigeno  1990-1991 2 Former opera singer. Friend in Aurigeno.
B-02-02-MOI Moia, Nelly Esch-sur-Alzette  1982 2 Rem.: Journalist, English professor. Letter 1982 found in envelope "FAN".
Dat.: Additional dates: 1990
B-02-02-MOO Moor, Paul San Fransisco  1993-1994 3 Writer of a book on Jürgen Bartsch
B-02-02-MORE Moreau, Jeanne Salies-de-Béarn, Gstaad, Paris, Biarritz  1986-1992 5 Actress
B-02-02-MORN Morneweg, Anne Berlin, Vence  1982-1995 4 Subtitler. 179 refers to 178 by Eric Jordan
B-02-02-MUE Mueller, Gudrun Ascona  1986 1 Artist, this is an invitation + letter.
B-02-02-MUR Murray, Natalia New York (NY)  1985 1  
B-02-02-NAGY Nagy, Phyllis New York City, London  1987-1994 34 American playwright.
B-02-02-NEW Newgarden, Albert [Al] Staten Island  1994 1  
  Nuttall, Bill       Rem.: see Royal Free Hospital B-02-02-ROYN
s. B-02-02-ROYN
B-02-02-ORL Orloff, Alexis Grez-sur-Loing  1991 (ca.) 1  
B-02-02-PER Perry, Alain Paris  1984 5 Neighbor, illustrator. #466-7 and 473-5 are letters from Editions Acteon, incl in Perry corres. [1] is an original illustrated greetings card.
B-02-02-PIC Picard, Lil New York City  1970-1974 4 Artist and sculptor, long-time good friend.
B-02-02-POT Potter, Jeremy Teddington (Middlesex)  1967 1  
B-02-02-RAS Rasch-Weibull, Gudrun [from close to Copenhagen]  1974-1978 4  
B-02-02-RED Redgrave, Vanessa London  1983 (ca.) 1 Actress.
  Remmer, Patricia C.       Rem.: see Barnard College B-02-02-BARN
s. B-02-02-BARN
B-02-02-REN Rendell, Ruth London  1977 1 English writer.
B-02-02-RIC Richartz, Walter; Richartz, Mari Buchschlag  1973 1  
B-02-02-ROB Roberts, Peter S. Liverpool  1983-1991 7 Writer.
B-02-02-ROC Roc-Gindre, Julie [Lili, Lil] Paris  1969 1 Including 2 snail drawings.
B-02-02-ROS Rose, Eleanor ["The Elder"] Carlton Hill, London  1973-1974 2  
B-02-02-ROT Roth, Lynn n.p.  1985 1  
B-02-02-ROU Rouge, M. et Mme Montmachoux  1990 1  
B-02-02-ROYH Royal Free Hospital; Hamilton, George London  1991 1 Doctor who operated on blocked left thigh artery in Jan 1992. cf. also 1189 and 1190
B-02-02-ROYN Royal Free Hospital; Nuttall, Bill London  1992 1  
B-02-02-RYA Ryan, Mary Moncourt  1982-1990 11 Died early 1991. Wife of Desmond Ryan. Neighbors in Moncourt. Had a daughter Juliet.
B-02-02-RYD Rydman, Sture London  1994 1 From Hazlitt's (hotel in Soho), TY for signing copy of Carol.
B-02-02-SAID Said, Edward W. (Prof.) New York City  1988 1 Writer and Professor Columbia University, NYC.
B-02-02-SAR Sarraute, Nathalie n.p.  1984 1 Writer.
B-02-02-SCHAER Schär, Meinrad n.p.  1993 1 EXIT.
B-02-02-SCHO Scholz, Christian Switzerland  1992 (ca.) 1 Photographer and journalist. 1992: Date of postcard copyright.
B-02-02-SCH Schulthess, Idy and Corina (Lorina?) and Heiner P. Brione s. Minusio  1991-1995 5 Idy is a sculptor. Cf. Wagner. In this file, also example of Idy's sculpture (no number). Letter from 95-01-10: found in House documents.
B-02-02-SEL Selby-Lowndes, Joan Oxford  1991 1  
B-02-02-SHA Sharpe, Tom Dorset, Cambridge  1975-1987 4 English novelist.
B-02-02-SIC Sickel, Harriet Van n.p.  1970-1983 3 Administrator of housing at Barnard.
B-02-02-SKA Skattebøl, Kate Kingsley New York City  1976-1994 24 Life-long friend from Barnard.
B-02-02-SKE Skelton, Barbara Choisy (France)  1984-1990 5 Novelist, literary critic. Wrote article on PH in London Magazine Oct-Nov 1995.
B-02-02-SOM Sommer, Frieda Zürich, Bad Bleiberg  1986-1995 7 Teacher of English in Zurich. One of three executors of the will. Deceased Summer 1997.
B-02-02-SPA Spark, Muriel Rome, Tuscany  1971-1989 4 Writer.
B-02-02-STA Stackelberg-Treutlein, Freda von n.p.  s.d. 1  
B-02-02-STAE Staeps, Hans Ulrich [Wien]  1988 1  
B-02-02-STI Stirling, Monica Lausanne  1968 (ca.) 1  
B-02-02-STR Streiff, David Locarno  1990 1 At the time, Director of Locarno Film Festival.
B-02-02-STUR Sturtevant, Ethel East Lyme (CT)  1962-1968 25  
B-02-02-SZO Szogyi, Alex New York City  1967-1979 14 One of them is missing the beginning (?).
B-02-02-TAG Tager, Milton L [Judy] (Mrs) Charlotte (NC)  1972 2 Racism (cf. 966, 970, 972, 971, 974).
B-02-02-TAP Tapscott, Julia [Judy] Westfield, NJ  s.d. 1  
B-02-02-TEL Telecom PTT Bellinzona (CH)  1994 1 New phone number.
B-02-02-TIED Tietgens, Ditmar Hamburg  1973-1974 2 Brother of Rolf Tietgens.
B-02-02-TIER Tietgens, Rolf New York City  1968-1969 4 Brother of Ditmar Tietgens, photographer, mystic.
B-02-02-TOM Tomes, Margot Martha's Vineyard (MA), New York (NY)  1974-1990 14 Lived in same building as Betty Main. Children's book illustrator. Deceased.
B-02-02-TRU Trudeau, Garry B [New York City]  1988 1 Doonesbury cartoonist.
B-02-02-VAC Vacek, John J. Düsseldorf  1973 1  
B-02-02-VEJ Vejerano, Alicia Paris, La Teste de Buch  1990-1994 9 For last name cf. 1061. Friend and executor of Alain Oulman.
B-02-02-VID Vidal, Gore Ravello (Italy), Rome  s.d. 6 writer
B-02-02-WAG Wagner, Gudrun Bayreuth  1992-1995 2 1187 is original letter, 1188 is copy, 1186bis is card of Idy Schulthess' Wotan bronze, 1186 is photocopy of same daughter/grand-daughter of Richard Wagner.
B-02-02-WALS Walsh, John New Hope (PA)  1994 1 The Free Library of New Hope and Solebury. PH sent donation of money to library?
B-02-02-WALT Walter, Eugene Mobile (AL), Rome  1968-1995 7 One-time friend of Muriel Spark. Charactor actor, writer. Cf. Photo list. d: 18 Oct 63: PH made synopsis for play "The Suicide on the Bridge" (for actor Maurice Evans) and "Vengeance"? Walter was proposed producer of these plays.
B-02-02-WEN Wentzel, Luise-Charlotte Untereisenheim-Bhf  1973-1974 5  
B-02-02-WIN Winston, Daisy New Hope (PA)  1970-1995 26 Friend from New Hope, PA.
B-02-02-WOLF Wolfe, Janet New York (NY)  1993 1  
B-02-02-WOLK Wolkowsky, David W. Key West (FL)  1992 2  
B-02-02-WYN Wyndham, Francis London  1984-1985 3 Radio and tv journalist. re: J. Jebb's suicide


Business Correspondence

Cote Sender Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
  ?, Barbara       Rem.: see Naiad Press B-02-03-NAIB
s. B-02-03-NAIB
B-02-03-ALB (Editions) Albin Michel; Loriot, Noëlle Paris  1990 1 Journalist. Interviewed PH. Later editor at Editions Albin Michel.
B-02-03-ALFG Alfred A. Knopf; Gottlieb, Robert [Bob] New York City  1971 1 Editor at Alfred A. Knopf. Later editor of The New Yorker.
B-02-03-AMH A.M. Heath; Hamilton, Mark London  1989-1990 2 Agents.
B-02-03-AMM Ammann, Tobias (Architect) Agno  1989 1 Architect of Tegna house.
B-02-03-ASB A/S Bookman Copenhagen  1967 1 Name of author? Agents.
B-02-03-ATA Atag Ernst & Young; Scowden, Marylin Lausanne [?], [Geneva]  1992-1993 4 PH's last accountant.
B-02-03-ATE Atelier & Edizioni Scala; Stolz, Tina Locarno  1995 1  
B-02-03-ATL Atlantic Monthly Press; Gary L. Fisketjon New York  1989 1 Editorial Director. Letter found in copy of Found in the Street. Atlantic Press, 1989.
B-02-03-ATT Attalah, N. [Naim] I. London  1993 1 Interviewer. Series in the Oldie including one on PH.
B-02-03-BALZ Ballantine; Zack, Elizabeth New York City  1990 1 Ballantine - Del Rey - Fawcett - Ivy (Random House, Inc).
B-02-03-BERN Alain Bernheim; Clouzot, George Paris  1974 1 Film director at Alain Bernheim's?
B-02-03-BIE Biermann, Pieke Berlin  1984 1 On translation Price of Salt.
B-02-03-BLOOF Bloomsbury Publishing; Forder, Mary-Jane London  1987-1994 3 Letter from 23 November 1994: found in House documents.
  Bodmer, Tommy [Thomas]       Rem.: see Diogenes B-02-03-DIO and Band Haffmans Verlag B-02-03-HAFF
s. B-02-03-DIOB,
s. B-02-03-HAFF
B-02-03-BON Bonfranceschi, Elisabetta Macerata (Italy)  1991 1 Student/researcher.
B-02-03-BOU Boucher, Anthony Berkeley (CA)  1965 1 Critic.
  Bradley, Jenny       Rem.: see (WA) Bradley Agency B-02-03-BRAJ
s. B-02-03-BRAJ
B-02-03-BRAJ (WA) Bradley Agency; Jenny Bradley Cap d'Antibes  1976 1 French film adaptation of Ripley under Ground. Wife of William Bradley.
B-02-03-BRAW (WA) Bradley Agency; Bradley, William Aspenwall Paris  1973-1977 2 Jenny Bradley's husband. Letters signed by "secretary" (illegible signature).
  Brown, Terry       Rem.: With PH scribbles on back, cf. 1033. see University of Wisconsin B-02-03-UNIW
s. B-02-03-UNIW
  Bundschuh, Jörg       Rem.: see KICK Film & Fernsehproduktions B-02-03-KICK
s. B-02-03-KICK
B-02-03-CALC Calmann-Lévy; Jean-Etienne Cohen-Seat Paris  1990-1994 7 PDG of Calmann-Lévy.
B-02-03-CALCA Calmann-Lévy; Cauvin, Claire Paris  s.d. 1 Attachée de presse of Calmann-Lévy. Letter from Tegna period.
B-02-03-CALO Calmann-Lévy; Alain Oulman Paris  1982-1990 11 1162 [*end]. PH's editor at Calmann-Lévy, died March 29, 1990 [cf. 538 obituary]. Owner of Calmann-Lévy. 992-3 is letter from R. Crébassa to L. de Moussac. One letter incomplete (torn).
B-02-03-CAR Caramella, Marisa Anghiari (Italy)  1989 1 Italian translator
  Clouzot, George       Rem.: Film director at Alain Bernheim's? see (Alain) Bernheim's B-02-03-BERN
s. B-02-03-BERN
  Cohen-Seat, Jean-Etienne       Rem.: see Calmann-Lévy B-02-03-CALC
s. B-02-03-CALC
  Cooke, Geraldine       Rem.: see Penguin Books Ltd B-02-03-PENC
s. B-02-03-PENC
B-02-03-COR Corbier, Annie London  1991 1 playwright?
B-02-03-CREA Creasey, John Wiltshire (UK)  1967 1 Writer answering PH's questions on agents?
  Daniel, Jean       Rem.: 20th anniversary of Le Nouvel Observateur Nov 94 in Paris. 1294 is list of invited writers. see Le Nouvel Observateur B-02-03-LEN
s. B-02-03-LEN
  Davis, Joel       President of Ellery Queen. See Ellery Queen. PH (Dear Friend of EQMM)
B-02-03-DIL Dillon, Millicent San Francisco  1991-1992 1 For cooperation on work on Bowles.
B-02-03-DIOB Diogenes; Bodmer, Tommy [Thomas] Rüschlikon  1983 1 Editor at Diogenes of German translations. Later at Haffmans Verlag.
B-02-03-DIOF Diogenes; Fritsch-Liggenstorfer, Marianne Zürich  1983-1990 3 Editor of Diogenes Verlag.
B-02-03-DIOH Diogenes; Haffmans, Gerd Zürich  1972 1 Ex-chief reader of Diogenes Verlag. Now independent. Later with own publishing house.
B-02-03-DIOJ Diogenes; Janés, Hedwig Zürich  1994 2  
B-02-03-DIOK Diogenes; Keel, Daniel Zürich  1974 1 Owner/director of Diogenes Verlag.
B-02-03-DIOKE Diogenes; Keller, Maja Zürich  1993 1 Editor at Diogenes Verlag.
B-02-03-DIOL Diogenes; Lübben, Gesine Zürich  1994 5 1031x is letter from Zanne Lexow (Z Films) to Gesine Lübben. Theatre/film adaptations at Diogenes.
B-02-03-DIORE Diogenes; Reutter, Christina Zürich  1990-1993 11 1112x, 1287, 1299. Lawyer at Diogenes Verlag AG, cf. 1028-31 from Van der Meulen, 1080x is from Pauline Asper (Lorraine Hamilton management) and 1081x is from Mary Hildyard (BBC) - both to Christina Reutter, 1089-94x is from CBL TV Production, 1099-1102x is from David Kirkpatrick (Productions) and 1103-4x is from Serena Cullen (ICM) - both to Christina Reutter.
  Eley [?], Holly       Rem.: see TLS B-02-03-TLS
s. B-02-03-TLS
B-02-03-ELLD Ellery Queen; Davis, Joel New York City  1991 1 President of Ellery Queen. Addressed to "Dear Friend of EQMM".
B-02-03-ELLH Ellery Queen; Hutchings, Janet New York City  1991 1 cf. 1037
B-02-03-ELLS Ellery Queen; Sullivan, Eleanor New York City  1986-1991 2 Died July 12, 1991, cf. 1036. For 1246 cf. also 1247.
B-02-03-FAI Faith Evans Associates; Powell, Tristram London  1993 1  
  Forder, Mary-Jane       Rem.: see Bloomsbury Publishing B-02-03-BLOOF
s. B-02-03-BLOOF
B-02-03-FRIEM Friedensuniversität; Morawetz, Uwe Berlin  1994 1  
  Fritsch-Liggenstorfer, Marianne       Editor of Diogenes Verlag.
  Gant, Roland and Nadia       Rem.: Both deceased. see (William) Heinemann Ltd. B-02-03-HEIG
s. B-02-03-HEIG
B-02-03-GEN Genfido S.A.; Genni, D. (Dr.) Locarno  1994 2 From Genfido S.A. economic consultents. 1050x is copy of 1049x.
  Genni, D. (Dr.)       Rem.: Economic consultents. see Genfido S.A. B-02-03-GEN
s. B-02-03-GEN
  Gille, Elisabeth       Rem.: see Julliard B-02-03-JUL
s. B-02-03-JUL
B-02-03-GISS Gisslinger, Hans Zürich  1992 1 Photographer. Covering letter to photograph.
  Gollhardt, Martina       Rem.: see Marion von Schröder Verlag B-02-03-MAR
s. B-02-03-MAR
B-02-03-GOT Gotham Art & Literary Agency, Inc.; Suter, Anne Elisabeth New York City  1986-1992 2 Opened her own agency, Gotham Art & Literary Agency, Inc., after working for Diogenes.
  Gottlieb, Robert [Bob]       Rem.: see Alfred A. Knopf B-02-03-ALFG
s. B-02-03-ALFG
  Haffmans, Gerd       Rem.: Ex-chief reader of Diogenes Verlag. Now independent. see Diogenes B-02-03-DIOH
s. B-02-03-DIOH
B-02-03-HAFF Haffmans Verlag; Bodmer, Tommy [Thomas] Zürich  1990 1 Haffmans Verlag. Formerly of Diogenes.
  Hamilton, Mark       Rem.: see A.M. Heath, agents B-02-03-AMH
s. B-02-03-AMH
B-02-03-HAR Harmon, James L. Banks (OR)  1989-1990 4 Editor of Take my Advice - Ballantine (cf. also 1118x from Zack). 1120-30 = letter 1120-1 and enclosures: 1122 copy of advance payment for Take My Advice, 1123-30 copy of Ballantine contract for the same. 1136-61 = letter 1144-5 and contributions: 1136 Diane Wakoski, 1137 The Dalai Lama, 1138-9 Fay Weldon, 1140-3 Mulk Raj Anand, 1146-50 John Money, 1151-6 Brian W. Aldiss, 1157-8 Abbie Hoffman, 1159-61 Colin Wilson.
  Heggie, Peter       Rem.: see The Authors Guild, Inc. B-02-03-THEAH
s. B-02-03-THEAH
B-02-03-HEI Heinemann London  1985 1 Name of author?
B-02-03-HEIG (William) Heinemann Ltd.; Gant, Roland; Gant, Nadia Kensington, Comps-sur-Artuby (Var)  1974-1991 5 Both deceased.
B-02-03-HEIR (William) Heinemann Ltd.; Robertson, Janice Ardross, London  1971-1974 2 Editor at Heinemann.
B-02-03-HEN Hendricks-Engstroem, Barbara n.p.  1991 1 Opera singer. re: accountants.
B-02-03-HERI Hérisson, Jeannine Busseau  1984-1988 4 French translator.
B-02-03-HER Hermann, Villi Beride  1992 1 Film director. Project with PH that didn't work out. B2403.
  Hieber, Loretta       Rem.: see Swiss Radio International B-02-03-SWI
s. B-02-03-SWI
B-02-03-HIE Hiefner-Hug, Pia n.p.  1987 1  
B-02-03-HIN Hinton, David London  1988 1 Film adaptation of Tremor of Forgery.
B-02-03-HOF (Agence) Hoffman; Hoffman, Georges Paris  1984 1  
  Hoffman, Georges       Rem.: see Agence Hoffman B-02-03-HOF
s. B-02-03-HOF
  Hutchings, Janet       Rem.: see Ellery Queen B-02-03-ELLH, cf. 1037
s. B-02-03-ELLH
  Ingrams, Richard       Rem.: Editor, The Oldie. 1064x is a letter from Francis Greene to Ingrams. see The Oldie B-02-03-THEOI
s. B-02-03-THEOI
  Janés, Hedwig       Rem.: see Diogenes Verlag B-02-03-DIOJ
s. B-02-03-DIOJ
B-02-03-JOU Jourdan, Eric Paris  1982 (ca.) 1 In reference to Le Seuil. cf. also 179
B-02-03-JUL Julliard; Gille, Elisabeth Paris  1990 1 Publishing house.
  Keel, Daniel       Rem.: Owner/director of Diogenes Verlag. see Diogenes B-02-03-DIOK
s. B-02-03-DIOK
  Keller, Maja       Rem.: Editor at Diogenes Verlag. see Diogenes B-02-03-DIOKE
s. B-02-03-DIOKE
B-02-03-KICK KICK Film & Fernsehproduktions GMBH; Jörg Bundschuh Munich  1993 1  
B-02-03-KUF Kuffer, Jean-Louis Paris  1988 1 Journalist for 24 Heures (French-language Swiss newspaper). Wrote article on PH for Magazine littéraire.
B-02-03-LEM Le Monde; Savigneau, Josyane [Jo] Paris  1990 1 Letter is only signed Jo.
B-02-03-LEN Le Nouvel Observateur; Daniel, Jean Paris  1994 (ca.) 1 20th anniversary of Le Nouvel Observateur Nov 94 in Paris.
B-02-03-LEV Levine & Okoshken; Okoshken, Samuel H. Paris  1989 1 Lawyer.
  Lexow, Zanne       Rem.: see Z Films B-02-03-ZFIL. cf. also 1031x from Lexow to Lübben
s. B-02-03-ZFIL
B-02-03-LOR Lorenz, Katharina Sylvia Hamburg  1984 1 Student. Covering letter to Charakterdarstellung und Erzählungstruktur im Romanwerk Patricia Highsmith (Magisterarbeit).
  Loriot, Noëlle       Rem.: see (Editions) Albin Michel B-02-03-ALB
s. B-02-03-ALB
  Lübben, Gesine       Rem.: Theatre/film adaptations at Diogenes. see Diogenes B-02-03-DIOL
s. B-02-03-DIOL
B-02-03-MAR Marion von Schröder Verlag; Gollhardt, Martina Düsseldorf  1983 1  
B-02-03-MCI McIntosh and Otis, Inc.; Schartle Myrer, Patricia New York City  1976-1981 5 Literary agent.
B-02-03.93 McKenzie, John       Rem.: Accountant from Moore, Stephens & Co. (1002-3 was attached to 1001). see Moore, Stephens & Co.
s.a. B-02-03-MOO
B-02-03-MIR Mirage Enterprises; Pollack, Sydney Universal City (CA)  1994 1 Film director/producer.
  Mirchandani, Ravi       Rem.: see Penguin B-02-03-PENM
s. B-02-03-PENM
B-02-03-MOO Moore, Stephens & Co; McKenzie, John London  1981 1 Rem.: Accountant.
s.a. B-02-03.93
  Morawetz, Uwe       Rem.: see Friedenuniversität B-02-03-FRIEM
s. B-02-03-FRIEM
  Schartle Myrer, Patricia       Rem.: Literary agent. see McIntosh and Otis, Inc. B-02-03-MCI
s. B-02-03-MCI
B-02-03-NAIB Naiad Press; ?, Barbara Tallahassee (FL)  1991 1  
  Okoshken, Samuel H.       Rem.: Lawyer. see Levine & Okoshken B-02-03-LEV
s. B-02-03-LEV
  Oulman, Alain       Rem.: 1162 [*end]. PH's editor at Calmann-Lévy, died March 29, 1990. see Calmann-Lévy B-02-03-CALO
s. B-02-03-CALO
  Pallante, Maria       Rem.: see The Authors Guild, Inc. B-02-03-THEAP
s. B-02-03-THEAP
B-02-03-PENC Penguin Books Ltd; Cooke, Geraldine London  1992 1  
B-02-03-PENM Penguin Books Ltd; Mirchandani, Ravi London  1993 1  
B-02-03-PENW Penguin Books Ltd; Wilford, Jenny London  1983 1  
  Penzler, Otto       Rem.: see The Mysterious Press B-02-03-THEM
s. B-02-03-THEM
B-02-03-PER Perpinyà, Núria Lleida (Spain)  1987 1 Organizer of Lleida conference.
B-02-03-PET Peter Owen Ltd.: Publishers; [Pulsifer?], Gary London  1994 1  
  Pollack, Sydney       Rem.: Director/producer. see Mirage Enterprises film B-02-03-MIR
s. B-02-03-MIR
  Powell, Tristram London       Rem.: see Faith Evans Associates B-02-03-FAI
s. B-02-03-FAI
  [Pulsifer?], Gary       Rem.: see Peter Owen Ltd. Publishers B-02-03-PET
s. B-02-03-PET
  Reutter, Christina       Rem.: see Diogenes B-02-03-DIORE
s. B-02-03-DIORE
  Robertson, Janice       Rem.: Editor at Heinemann. see Heinemann B-02-03-HEIR
s. B-02-03-HEIR
B-02-03-SAL Salvioni, Dr. Sergio Locarno  1989 1 PH's lawyer, member of Swiss Parliament, neighbor in Tegna, re: taxes for Aurigeno?, incl Aurigeno map
  Savigneau, Josyane [Jo]       Rem.: Letter is only signed Jo. see Le Monde B-02-03-LEM
s. B-02-03-LEM
  Scowden, Marylin       Rem.: PH's last accountant.see Atag Ernst & Young B-02-03-ATA
s. B-02-03-ATA
  Shaw, Becky       Rem.: see Bloomsbury Publishing B-02-03-BLOOF
s. B-02-03-BLOOF
B-02-03-SMI Smith, Roger London  1990 1 Of Heinemann.
B-02-03-STJ St. James Press; Henderson, Lesley London  1991 1 Ready to be used as sketch paper by PH.
  Stolz, Tina       Rem.: see Atelier & Edizioni Scala B-02-03-ATE
s. B-02-03-ATE
  Sullivan, Eleanor       Rem.: see Ellery Queen B-02-03-ELLS
s. B-02-03-ELLS
  Sundell, Michael G. [Mike]       Rem.: see Yaddo B-02-03-YADS
s. B-02-03-YADS
  Suter, Anne Elisabeth       Rem.: see Gotham Art & Literary Agency, Inc. B-02-03-GOT
s. B-02-03-GOT
B-02-03-SWI Swiss Radio International; Hieber, Loretta Berne  1992 1  
B-02-03-THELA Théatre la Plaine Paris  1983 1 Name of author? Re: Toutes à Tuer in Espace Gaité.
B-02-03-THEAH The Authors Guild, Inc; Heggie, Peter New York City  1968 2  
B-02-03-THEAP The Authors Guild, Inc.; Pallante, Maria New York City  1992 1 1038-40x is info on transfer of copyright.
B-02-03-THEAW The Authors Guild, Inc.; Wong, Gary New York City  1994 2 Legal intern at The Authors Guild, Inc.
B-02-03-THEM The Mysterious Press; Penzler, Otto New York City  1981 1  
B-02-03-THEOI The Oldie; Ingrams, Richard London  1992-1994 3 Editor, The Oldie. 1064x is a letter from Francis Greene to Ingrams.
B-02-03-TLS TLS; Eley [?], Holly London  s.d. 1 Times Literary Supplement
B-02-03-TOE Toelle, Tom München  1988 1 Cineast.
B-02-03-UHD Uhde, Anne Hamburg  1966-1990 15 German translator of PH stories.
B-02-03-UNIW University of Wisconsin; Brown, Terry; Harred, Larry River Falls (WI)  1991 1 With PH scribbles on back, cf. 1033.
B-02-03-WAE Waengler, Ernst Toronto  1988 1 Critic?
  Wilford, Jenny       Rem.: see Penguin B-02-03-PENW
s. B-02-03-PENW
  Wong, Gary       Rem.: see The Authors Guild, Inc. B-01-03-THEAW
s. B-01-03-THEAW
  Woolmer, J. Howard       Rem.: see (J. Howard) Woolmer Rare Books B-02-03-WOO
s. B-02-03-WOO
B-02-03-WOO (J. Howard) Woolmer Rare Books; Woolmer, J. Howard Revere (PA)  1994 1  
B-02-03-YADS Yaddo; Sundell, Michael G. [Mike] Saratoga Springs (NY)  1993-1995 3 President of Yaddo. 896 re: PH's donation to Yaddo.
  Zack, Elizabeth       Rem.: see Ballantine [- Del Rey - Fawcett - Ivy (Random House, Inc)] B-02-03-BALZ
s. B-02-03-BALZ
B-02-03-ZFIL Z Films; Lexow, Zanne New York City  1993 1 cf. also 1031x from Lexow to Lübben
B-02-03-ZIE Ziemann, Hans H. Hamburg  1977 1 Journalist for STERN, also writer?
B-02-03-ZIMM Zimmer, Dieter E. Hamburg  1982 1 Comments on The Day of Reckoning. Also works for Die Zeit.


Letters from Readers (sorted)

Cote Sender Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-02-04-COMP Compart, Martin Witten  1977 2  
B-02-04-DAV David, Thomas Nienstädt, Hamburg  1987-1994 7 Also made taped interview of PH? Including 2 letters (1987, 1988), found in envelope "FAN".
B-02-04-DIX Dixon, John S. Cascais  1992 1 reader?
B-02-04-GAR Garland, Hilary Beccles (Suffolk)  1990 2  
B-02-04-GUM Gumprecht, Holger Görlitz, Berlin, Hemmingen  1981-1993 15 Pen pal from East Germany. Including the 3 letters (1981, with passport-photo, 2 x 1982) from envelope "FAN". 607 is a book review in Neues Deutschland of Elsies Lebenslust by Holger Gumprecht.
B-02-04-HAR Hartung, Marcel Wörsdorf  1994 1  
B-02-04-JOE ?, Joe (and Marcelle) Bucarest  1971-1974 3 Reader?
B-02-04-MAN Manquet, Peter Ramsgate (Kent)  1968 (ca.) 1  
B-02-04-RAW Rawson, V (Val) A Crawley (Sussex)  1974 1 cf. PH answer 311 re: art world.
B-02-04-RIB Ribeiro, Luis José Bonito Lisbon  1967 1  
B-02-04-SOR Sorin, Mme Xavier (J.) Arthon-en-Retz  1968 1 Attachment: Photo of three children.
B-02-04-STE Steen, Steve von n.p.  1994 1 Reader, also Broker at Merrill Lynch.
B-02-04-TOEN Tönkyrä, Anneli Espoo  1981-1986 3  
B-02-04-TUD Tudor-Pole, David UK  1987 1  
B-02-04-VIA Vianney, Gina York  1983 1 Nurse.
B-02-04-WALK Walker, Paul Bloomfield (NJ)  1969 2  
B-02-04-WHI Whitfield, Alan Sheerness (Kent), Woking (Surrey)  1988-1989 2  
B-02-04-WIL Williams, Mark Salem (OR)  1982 2 Rem.: Including letter 1982, found in envelope "FAN".
Dat.: Additional dates: 1984


Letters from Readers (unsorted)

Cote Sender Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-02-05.1 Div. div.  1981-1994 71 Found in envelope "Fan" [letters].