Highsmith, Patricia: Nachlass Patricia Highsmith


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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Letters
Scope and content : B-Correspondence: family correspondence, including a large collection of letters between Highsmith and her Texan first cousin Dan O. Coates, and letters between Highsmith and her mother Mary Coates Highsmith, father Jay B. Plangman and step-father Stanley Highsmith. Correspondence with publishers. Correspondence with friends, including a large number of letters to her life-long friend Kate Kingsley Skattebøl, and to Charles Latimer and Barbara Ker-Seymer, as well as copies of letters to Alex Szogyi, Phyllis Nagy and Bettina Berch. Letters from (and occasionally to) fellow writers, especially Graham Greene, Paul Bowles and Gore Vidal (for other established names in the Arts and Letters with a smaller number of letters see list below).
Cote : SLA-PH-B

B-01 Letters from Patricia Highsmith
B-01-01 Family Correspondence
B-01-02 Personal Correspondence
B-01-03 Business Correspondence
B-01-04 Letters to Readers
B-01-05 Fan Letters (To non-writers)
B-01-06 Letters to Politicians and Newspapers
B-01-06-a Divers Subjects
B-01-06-b Israel/Palestinians
B-02 Letters to Patricia Highsmith
B-02-01 Family Correspondence
B-02-02 Personal Correspondence
B-02-03 Business Correspondence
B-02-04 Letters from Readers (sorted)
B-02-05 Letters from Readers (unsorted)
B-03 Letters between Third Persons
B-04 Thematical Correspondence
B-04-a Thematical Bundles
B-04-b Unsorted Letters
B-04-b-01 Copies of Letters
B-04-b-02 Letters in/from Scrapbooks and Diaries
B-04-c Original Correspondence Folders [empty]
B-04-d Documents from Correspondence Files


Letters between Third Persons

Cote Sender Addressee Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-03-BB-MAT B.B. [?]  Mathews, Stephanie  Chelsea (London)  1972 1 Note on top of the letter: "Copy of letter from B.B." [= Brigid Brophy?]
B-03-COAW-HIGM Coates, Willie Mae Stewart  Highsmith, Mary Coates  [Fort Worth (TX)]  1934 1 Rem.: Letter from Grandma Coates to her daughter, PH's mother.
s.a. C-03-c-32
B-03-CRA-COAD Cralick [Cralicky], Jeva  Coates, Dan_O.; Coates, Florine  [Brooklyn, NY]  1978-1988 5 Dat.: Additional dates: n.d.
s.a. C-03-c-34,
s.a. C-03-c-35,
s.a. C-03-c-36,
s.a. C-03-c-37
B-03-DEL-MOO De Lande Long, John  Moore, Stephens & Co; MacKenzie, John  London  1981 1 Document attached to letter from Moore, Stephens & Co to PH. See B-02-03-MOO
B-03-DEM-CALO L. de Moussac & Cie; Glatt, Gérard  Calmann-Lévy; Oulman, Alain  Paris  1982 1 Conseil douane et commerce extérieur / Oulman, Alain: Calmann-Lévy, died March 29, 1990. On rear of letter many handwritten notes by PH.
B-03-HIGM-COAD Highsmith, Mary Coates  Coates, Dan_O.  Fort Worth (TX), Earl Soham (Suffolk)  1965 2 Rem.: Letter from PH's mother to her nephew, first cousin of PH.
Dat.: Additional dates: 1973
s.a. C-03-c-30,
s.a. C-03-c-31
B-03-HTUT-DIOR HTV; Taylor, Ysanne  Diogenes; Reutter, Christina  London  1990 1 HTV, cf. 1038.
B-03-LEM-DUP Lemonnier, Roger  Dupont, Joan  Paris  1990 1 Lawyer of PH. cf. 1018, 1019.
B-03-MCI-DIOS McIntosh and Otis; Myrer, Patricia Schartle  Diogenes; Suter, Anne Elisabeth  New York City  1980 1 Literary agent at McIntosh and Otis, Inc / Suter from Gotham Art & Literary Agency.
B-03-MEG-BERN Mega-Byte Technical Resources Ltd.; Curry, Betty  Bernardi, Vivien de  Lakewood (NJ)  1995 1 Attachment: Copy of letter from PH to Betty Curry (1978).
B-03-MOO-DEL Moore, Stephens & Co; MacKenzie, John  De Lande Long, John  n.p. [London]  1981 1 Document attached to letter from Moore, Stephens & Co to PH:see: B-02-03-MOO
B-03-MORR-DIOS Morrison, Hecker, Curtis, Kuder & Parrish; McEachen, Gary J.  Diogenes; Suter, Anne Elisabeth  Kansas City (MI)  1981 1 Morrison, Hecker, Curtis, Kuder & Parrish (lawyers?) / Suter from Gotham Art & Literary Agency.
B-03-PENC-DIOK Penguin; Carson, Peter  Diogenes; Keel, Daniel  London  1989 1 Penguin Books Ltd.
B-03-PLAW-PLAJ Plangman, Walter  Plangman, Jay Bernard  Little Rock  1972 1  
B-03-SEA-EMA Sealey [?]  Emanuel, Elizabeth [Beyte]  London  1967 1  
B-03-SER-CALO Serruys, Max  Calmann-Lévy; Oulman, Alain  Paris  1983 2 Inheritor Agence Bradley / Oulman, Alain: from Calmann-Lévy, died March 29, 1990.
B-03-SMB-SOM The Society of The Students in Medecine; Antonescu, Cristian; Dragomir, Alin  Sommer, Frieda  Lausanne  1990.04.06 1  
B-03-THO-HIGM Thompson, Marjorie  Highsmith, Mary Coates  New York (NY)  1970 1 Rem.: Letter to PH's mother.
s.a. C-03-c-29
B-03-VANM-DIOR Van der Meulen, Harke Jan  Reutter, Christina  Amsterdam  1992 1 cf. 1027Reutter from Diogenes.
B-03-ZFIL-DIOR Z Films; Lexow, Zanne  Diogenes; Reutter, Christine  New York City  1992 1 Lexow of Z Films, Reutter of Diogenes.