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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Letters
Scope and content : B-Correspondence: family correspondence, including a large collection of letters between Highsmith and her Texan first cousin Dan O. Coates, and letters between Highsmith and her mother Mary Coates Highsmith, father Jay B. Plangman and step-father Stanley Highsmith. Correspondence with publishers. Correspondence with friends, including a large number of letters to her life-long friend Kate Kingsley Skattebøl, and to Charles Latimer and Barbara Ker-Seymer, as well as copies of letters to Alex Szogyi, Phyllis Nagy and Bettina Berch. Letters from (and occasionally to) fellow writers, especially Graham Greene, Paul Bowles and Gore Vidal (for other established names in the Arts and Letters with a smaller number of letters see list below).
Cote : SLA-PH-B

B-01 Letters from Patricia Highsmith
B-01-01 Family Correspondence
B-01-02 Personal Correspondence
B-01-03 Business Correspondence
B-01-04 Letters to Readers
B-01-05 Fan Letters (To non-writers)
B-01-06 Letters to Politicians and Newspapers
B-01-06-a Divers Subjects
B-01-06-b Israel/Palestinians
B-02 Letters to Patricia Highsmith
B-02-01 Family Correspondence
B-02-02 Personal Correspondence
B-02-03 Business Correspondence
B-02-04 Letters from Readers (sorted)
B-02-05 Letters from Readers (unsorted)
B-03 Letters between Third Persons
B-04 Thematical Correspondence
B-04-a Thematical Bundles
B-04-b Unsorted Letters
B-04-b-01 Copies of Letters
B-04-b-02 Letters in/from Scrapbooks and Diaries
B-04-c Original Correspondence Folders [empty]
B-04-d Documents from Correspondence Files


Thematical Correspondence


Thematical Bundles

Cote Folder title Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-04-a-HAR Harry Ransom Research Center (HRRC) (re: Highsmith manuscripts/archive) ; Correspondence 1967-1994 div. mat. Including:11 letters from PH to HRRC (resp. J. Howard Woolmer, representing HRRC), 10 letters from HRRC/J. Howard Woolmer to PH, Center, The University of Texas) to PH re: possible purchase of letters of PH, attached to this letter: 4 brochures of The University of Texas (Library), 1 folder "The Humanities Research Center", envelope.
B-04-a-KOE Koestler's death ; Correspondence 1983 6, 1 print by AK 2 of the 6 letters are incomplete, one of them shows a handwritten note by PH?. Attachment: 20 obituaries (newspaper cuttings), 1 envelope.
B-04-a-LAW Lawsuit against Margaret Eversol (re: Highsmith’s car) ; Correspondence 1963-1966 div. mat. Including: among others: 2 letters from Ellen Hill to PH, 1 letter from PH to Ellen Hill, 1 letter from Margaret Eversol to PH.
B-04-a-STA Stamp collection ; Correspondence s.d. div. mat. Including: empty envelopes of letters by Paul Bowles, Phyllis Nagy and others.
B-04-a-YAD Yaddo (re: legacy) ; Correspondence 1988-1995 div. mat. Including: 2 letters (carbon copies) from PH to Yaddo, 6 letters Yaddo to PH. see also B-02-03-YADS


Unsorted Letters


Copies of Letters

Cote Folder title Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-04-b-01-UNS1 Circa 45 copies of letters ; Correspondence s.d. c. 45 letters (photocopies) Unsorted letters from PH to diverse people and institutions - especially publishers - spread all over the PH papers, partly related to manuscripts.
B-04-b-01-UNS2 Circa 230 copies of letters ; Correspondence s.d. c. 230 letters (photocopies) Unsorted letters from diverse people and institutions - especially publishers - to PH, spread all over the PH papers, partly related to manuscripts, partly torn to be used as note paper.


Letters in/from Scrapbooks and Diaries

The sticked letters are to be found in the scrapbooks on the indicated pages, the loose letters were taken out of the scrapbooks. Collation indicates loose letters only
Cote Folder title Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
B-04-b-02-SCR1 Scrapbook 1 ; Correspondence s.d. 2 sticked: Joan Kahn, 15.3.1950 (p.1), W.H. Auden, 23.3.? (re: Strangers) (p.3), Alfred Hitchcock to Ramona Herdman (Harper & Brothers), 17.3.1950 (p.4), Arthur P. Grossman, 26.7.1950 (p.8), John (Oates? – reader of The Talented Mr Ripley) (p.32)loose: Jean ? (p.34), C. Day Lewis (Chatto and Windus Publishers Ltd ) (p.38)
B-04-b-02-SCR3 Scrapbook 3 ; Correspondence s.d. 19 sticked: Charlotte Armstrong to Joan Kahn, 30.5.1962 (p.18), Charlotte Armstrong, 8.9.1962 (p.21), Pamela Hansford Johnson, 27.10.1965 (p.74)loose: Lee Warner (p.18), Margot Johnson (p. 18), Barbara Grier (p.18), 15 readers’ letters to Claire Morgan (p.32), Brigid Brophy (p. 34/35, in Scrapbook 3 [b])
B-04-b-02-SCR4 Scrapbook 4 ; Correspondence s.d. 1 loose: Ethel Talbot Scheffauer
B-04-b-02-SCR5 Scrapbook 5 ; Correspondence s.d. no documents sticked: Larry ? [Ashmead?] (telegram re:Tremor of Forgery, 28.3.?) (p.4); Derek Robinson to Janice (8.10.1971) (p. 37), Graham Greene (5.5.[1972], re:Dog’s Ransom) (p. 49)
B-04-b-02-SCR6 Scrapbook 6 ; Correspondence s.d. 3 loose:Joseph Losey (p. 93); Walter Plangman (on rear of copy of article re:PH) (p. 101); Roger Smith (Heinemann) (p. 101); Monika Sperl (p. 108/109)
B-04-b-02-SCR7 Scrapbook 7 ; Correspondence s.d. 2 sticked: Gerd Haffmans (Diogenes Verlag), 25.5.1977 (p.2); Mandy Midgley (Heinemann), 13.5.1977 (p.2); Barbara Ker-Seymer, 23.10.1977 (p.38), Simon Jenkins to Barbara Ker-Seymer, 21.10.1977 (p. 38)loose: Katherine M. Alexander (Lakewood Memorial Library) (p.5/6); PH to editor ov Evening Standard (carbon copy) (p.9/10)
B-04-b-02-SCR8 Scrapbook 8 ; Correspondence s.d. 2 sticked: Bernd Lubowski, 10.1.1977 (p. 29)loose: Mohrbooks Literary Agency (p.17/18); Barbara Ker Seymer to Simon Jenkins (p. 17/18)
B-04-b-02-SCR11 Scrapbook 11 ; Correspondence s.d. 4 sticked: J. J. Strating (Nilsson & Lamm), 10.3.1983, to Heinemann (p. 9); Peter Bongartz, 11.7.1983 (p.20); PH to Ellen [Hill?], 16.9.1983 (p.21)loose: Čestmír Jerhot (p.1); Roger Smith (Heinemann) (p.1); Eva Barbuscia (Théâtre La Plaine/Les Coulisses nord, Marseille) (p. 20/21)
B-04-b-02-SCR12 Scrapbook 12 ; Correspondence s.d. 10 loose: Mirjam Ahrén to Claire Morgan (p.1); Mary Wings (p.7); Andor Klay (p. 10/11); Patricia Woods to Claire Morgan (p. 10/11); M. (?) Baume (p.20/21); Anneli Tönkyrà (p. 20/21); J. J. Strating (Nilsson & Lamm) (p. 24/25); Douglas E. Brown (p. 28/29)
B-04-b-02-SCR13 Scrapbook 13 ; Correspondence s.d. 3, 2 photos sticked: Alain Oulman (Calman-Lévy), 20.3.1987 (p. 23)loose: Gregorio Rodilla, incl. photographs of painted PH portraits by G.R., with covering letters by Maria Cortès (Editorial Anagrama) and Marianne Liggenstorfer (Diogenes Verlag) (p.1-2)
B-04-b-02-SCR14 Scrapbook 14 ; Correspondence s.d. 1 sticked: Philipp Schwaninger, Jan. 1993 (p. 27); Jack Lang, 18.12.1989 (nomination ordre des arts et des letters) (p. 48) ; PH to Jack Lang (p. 49)loose: Bettina Berch (p. 48/49)
B-04-b-02-DIA2 Diary 2 ; Correspondence 1949 1 loose: Kathryn Cohen (p. 140/141


Original Correspondence Folders [empty]

Cote Folder title Dates Further Info / Remarks
B-04-c-219 folder: Till Dec. 1971 PERSONAL MCH/D.W./R.C./Eugene W. Till Dec 1971 ; Correspondence 1971  
B-04-c-284 folder: Personal DAN C./ B. K-S / R. BLYTHE / ROLF T. Personal till '74 ; Correspondence 1974  
B-04-c-298 folder: Personal Personal '73 '74 ; Correspondence 1973 Dat.: Additional dates: 1974
B-04-c-353 folder: Old Personal Feb. '81 '77 Alex S./Buffie/Julian S./T.B. ; Correspondence 1977 Dat.: Additional dates: 1981
B-04-c-394 folder: '87-88 Personal ; Correspondence 1987-1988 on rear: Time Deposit, Some Keogh, Money Market
B-04-c-476 folder: Old Personal Feb. '91 & earlier ; Correspondence 1991  
B-04-c-620 folder: lettere personali 1991-1995 PERSONAL OCT 87 ; Correspondence 1991-1995 Dat.: Additional dates: 1987
B-04-c-912 folder decorated by PH: OLD BUSINESS LETTERS '64-'74 ; Correspondence 1964-1974  
B-04-c-981 folder: old business Feb. '84 '80 Letters OLD BUSINESS ; Correspondence 1984  
B-04-c-1017.1 folder: Anna v. Planta's writing: business corr. Late 94 ; Correspondence 1994  
B-04-c-1017.2 folder: '88-'92 BUSINESS ; Correspondence 1982-1992  
B-04-c-1329 folder: Bloomsbury Publishing ; Correspondence s.d.  
B-04-c-1329bis folder: Personal (with flower on it) ; Correspondence s.d.  
B-04-c-1329bis2 yellow folder: [inside: Diogenes] ; Correspondence s.d.  
B-04-c-BKS Ker-Seymour ; Correspondence s.d.  
B-04-c-LET Letters (family) ; Correspondence s.d. Contained family correspondence.


Documents from Correspondence Files

Cote Folder title Further Info / Remarks
B-04-d-78 Newspaper article: "Suspicious" Fire Destroys Arab Group's US Offices ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-83 Small drawing (photocopy?) of 3 violins ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-121 Newspaper article: Toms kleine Missgeschicke ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-237 July 24, 1970. Typed note by PH relating to finances ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-281 Typed by PH "Murder Rate Per Year" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-300-1 2 typed pages on Maria d'Apparecida, artist, by Roger Peyrefitte (originally filed with short stories 1972-74-78-80-81-82) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-302 Page of German or Swiss TV guide with blurb on The American Friend ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-335 Typed p by PH "Truffles" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-354+355 First day cover envelope "Famous People Victorian Women in Literature" stamped London NW1, 9 July 1980 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-376 Typed poem "Aubade" by Philip Larkin ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-378 Newspaper article on "Emergence", photography book by Cynthia MacAdams ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-379 Newspaper article on The American Friend ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-551 Drawing by PH, with notes ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-504+638 2 CVs of Winifer Kingsley Skattebøl - not the same as 504 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-676 Newspaper article "America, and White Bread" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-677-680 Article from The New Republic, November 23, 1992 "Meltdown" by Steven Emerson ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-843 Copy [?] of title page of "Without Stopping" for Gary from Paul Bowles, 2/IX/92 date coincides with 842 (Bowles to PH) of 4/IX/92 photocopy of dedication sent by Bowles? ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-854-5 Article from Time Magazine, November 26, 1990 Strangers in a Strange Land. on Bertolucci's The Sheltering Sky based on novel by Paul Bowles ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-943 2 typed pages, "Cremation" by C R Tottle ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-956-7 Annual claim for reduction of French tax on royalties ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-994-6 RESUME for PH up to June 1979 of PROPERTIES AVAILABLE (list) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1024 Article 6-7/1/90 (IHT?) Americans Overseas: A New Deal? ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1050 PH - PENGUIN LICENCE EXPIRY DATES (list) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1056 article "One serious lady", on The Sheltering Sky, dated 26/10/90 by PH, w/ comment "sent by Gary Pulsifer" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1066-74 Los Angeles Times Guidelines for Reviewers ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1094 PH notes on problems with Hakim on rear of letter from Diogenes ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1109 Article "After Seven Healthy Years, Glad to Have the Hack Back" by Diane Ouding, on smoking, 2/3/89 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1113-9 Aktennotiz zu den Steuerfolgen des Testaments von PH, 30 Aug 88 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1019-23x Notes (by Frieda Sommer?) to MS of Small g ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1024x Typed notes on health, "July" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1025x Card: with name of Dr. S.S. Stewart ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1046-7x Typed book review by PH of After the Last Sky and The Politics of Dispossession, by Edward W. Said ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1055-60x Two newspaper articles (copied 6 times): Rabies and Europe's Pets, and The Quarantine Lobby, a published letter by M.P. Highsmith, dated 20/1/94 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1074x Info on Muralto Hotel and Punto Rosso. unknown handwriting ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1083x Drawing of a foot with notes ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1109x Form on VAT refunds ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1113x Patricia Highsmith's CV for Festival organisers ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1173 Handwritten note with medical terms in Italian and English on rear of letter from The Good Book Guide ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1174 PH drawing of plan for house in Tegna. On rear of letter from Harbourfront Reading Series, Toronto ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1175-8 In the Attic of the House in Christopher Street (Mag?) pp 68-74 short story by Jane Rule. Pages 71 and 73 missing? h.w. note by PH: "Marion: quite a good story, I think. Pat 20 Aug. '80" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1179 At Long Last--Love by Jack Hiemenz in Christopher Street (Mag?) p. 76. end missing ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1184 Newspaper article: "The Big Lie Lives on in Bayreuth" (no date) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1185 Newspaper article: "Werke von Idy Schulthess und Hugo Abt in der Galleria Nova", Tessiner Zeitung, 13. Sept 1991, Seite 9 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1189 Bill from George Hamilton, Royal Free Hospital, dd. 23.1.92, GBP 240. cf also 1291 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1190+1191+1192 Bill from George Hamilton, Royal Free Hospital, dd. 23.1.92, GBP 150. cf also 1291 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1193-5+1198-1200 Bill from Hazlitt's, London, for 14/1/92 to 24/01/92:1193+1199+1200, 1194, 1195 and 1198 are copies ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1201-1203 Merrill Lynch: dividends and distributions 1991. 1202 and 1203 copies ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1204-1206 Merrill Lynch: summary of 1991 reportable activity. 1205-6 copies ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1207-1209 Merrill Lynch: info provided for tax preparation 1991.1208-9 copies ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1211 Air Mail envelope addressed to Betty Main. Tegna address on back. No stamp ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1213+1214+1215 Einteilung der Sitzplätze im Richard-Wagner-Festspielhaus Bayreuth, 1213 is original, 1214 and 1215 are copies ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1224 Envelope addressed to Hannah Simora in East Jerusalem. No stamp ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1225+1226 A typed list: The Lobby by Edward Tivnan, Stateless in Gaza by Paul Cossali & Clive Robson and PH's dedication in Catastrophes, 1226 is a carbon of 1225 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1227 Notes on "Jews" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1229 Article "Toward Peace in the Holy Land" by Walid Khalidi, in Foreign Affairs, Spring 1988, pp. 771-89. See letters by his wife ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1232-6 Story (non fiction) taken by PH, from Stateless in Gaza by Paul Cossali and Clive Robson. Typed ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1239_+_1240 CV of Kate Skattebøl (2 x same) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1241-5 Information (CV and clippings) on John Hardy (productions) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1249-53 Article (from The Authors Guild?), Fall 1987, pp. 15-6: "How the Termination Clause in the Copyright Act Works". 1250-1 and 1252-3 are copies of 1249 (both sides) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1259+1260 UN list of names for PLO + League of Arab States (2 documents) ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1261 Newspaper article NY Times July 2, 1987, p. A8: "Pro-Israel Group Exerts Quiet Might As It Rallies Supporters in Congress" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1262 Newspaper article NY Times July 6, 1987, pp. 1+4: "On Middle East Policy, a Major Influence" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1264-9 with German captions for Ueber Patricia Highsmith ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1275 Statement of Polish Income 1984 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1285-6_+_1284 Printed info on Switzerland, re: visas, taxes, etc ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1305 Envelope of Andover Press (GB) addressed to PH in Tegna ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1309_+1310 Blank U.K. Tax Relief form with note by PH. ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1311 Time Magazine mailing wrapper (to PH in Tegna), 18 Apr 94, on rear: data on Brian Masters' Jeffrey Dahmer book ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1320 Time Magazine mailing wrapper (to PH in Tegna), 18 Apr 94 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1321 Time Magazine mailing wrapper (to PH in Tegna), 17 Apr 95 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1323 Time Magazine mailing wrapper (to PH in Tegna), 18 Apr 94, with PH note on rear: $17,600 - 8/6/93 ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1312-19+1322 Time Magazine wrappers ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1326 Viking Press Release of Casino Moon by Peter Blauner ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1330 Ink drawing on Moncourt letterhead, with PH typed note: Highsmith. Idea for Cat. stories 10 June 1987" ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1336+1335+1337 Handwritten corrections PH to Catastrophes (9 stories). 1336 and 1335 on rear of typed MS page no. 16 of No End in Sight (same page twice). This MS is not the final version ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1342 Typed title page of Catastrophes "No. 9. Sixtus VI, Pope of the Red Slipper". Filed 15.3.99 with manuscripts ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1343 Typed title page of Catastrophes "No. 8. NO END IN SIGHT". Filed 15.3.99 with manuscripts ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1344 Typed title page of Catastrophes "3. Operation Balsam; or Touch-Me-Not". Filed 15.3.99 with manuscripts ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1345 Typed title page of Catastrophes "2) MOBY DICK II OR THE MISSILE WHALE". H.w. note PH: "v. Planta's." Filed 15.3.99 with manuscripts ; Correspondence  
B-04-d-1346 Typed title page of Catastrophes "MOBY DICK II, or THE MISSILE WHALE". Filed 15.3.99 with manuscripts ; Correspondence