Highsmith, Patricia: Nachlass Patricia Highsmith

Life Papers and Documents

Swiss Literary Archives (SLA)
Hallwylstrasse 15
CH-3003 Berne



Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Life Papers and Documents
Scope and content : C-Life Papers and Documents: 18 diaries written in various languages, around 1,500 photographs, personal and family documents and memorabilia.
Cote : SLA-PH-C

C-01 Diaries
C-02 Personal Papers
C-02-a Birth certificate, Passports, Death report etc.
C-02-b Private Small Format Booklets (Address Booklets, Small Notebooks)
C-02-c Social Security (Health and Medical Documents)
C-02-d Death (Exit, Last Will etc.)
C-02-e American Citizenship
C-02-f Cats
C-02-g Divers Personal Documents (Horoscope, CV)
C-02-h Calendars with Notes
C-03 Genealogical and Family Documents
C-03-a Stewart Family
C-03-b Coates and Coats
C-03-c Coates Donations
C-04 House and Business Documents
C-04-a Business Small Format Booklets (Income and Address)
C-04-b House Documents
C-04-b-01 Visitors' Book, 1977-1991
C-04-b-02 Documents re: Aurigeno House, 1980-1995
C-04-b-03 Documents re: Tegna House, 1977-1995
C-04-b-04 Writing Utensils, TV, Media, 1985-1995
C-04-c Memberships
C-04-d Editors
C-04-e Taxes
C-05 Photos
C-05-a Photo Albums
C-05-a-01 Brown Album
C-05-a-02 Red Album (horizontal)
C-05-a-03 Black Album (gold tooling)
C-05-a-04 Red Album (upright)
C-05-a-05 Black Album (photographs)
C-05-a-06 Black Album (memory book)
C-05-b Private Shots
C-05-c Professional Shots (Portraits etc.)
C-05-d Photos Coates Donation
C-05-e Private Photo Collection, unsorted
C-05-f Attachments and Supplements
C-06 Awards and Diplomas
C-07 Memorabilia
C-08 Notes by Patricia Highsmith (and others)
C-08-a Divers Notes
C-08-b Notes and letters removed from PH's Books and Library


Notes by Patricia Highsmith (and others)


Divers Notes

Cote Author Title / Description
C-08-a/01 Highsmith, Patricia   Washing machine info  
C-08-a/02 Brambach, Rainer
Diverse notes including one short handwritten poem for PH by  
C-08-a/03 Highsmith, Patricia   Notes re: archives, last will and other  
C-08-a/04 Highsmith, Patricia   Phone numbers, gardening (by other person)  
C-08-a/05 Highsmith, Patricia   Notes with clamp, mainly empty note paper made of torn letters  
C-08-a/06 Highsmith, Patricia   Love bird feathers sticked on paper  
C-08-a/07 Highsmith, Patricia   Diverse notes: taxes, sketch of “framed composition on cotton of clock springs, feathers etc chez Ellen Hill” etc  
C-08-a/08 Highsmith, Patricia   Diverse notes and papers: List of birthdays, post taxes, jeans labels, note about Billie Holliday song, “10th sept ’91 Aurigeno sold”, seeds in envelope, stamps in envelopes etc.  
C-08-a/09 Highsmith, Patricia   Diverse notes by PH and others  


Notes and letters removed from PH's Books and Library

Notes, postcards, newspaper cuttings etc. Among them: Donald Munsell "Accompanist"; Postcard by Roland Topor; "Bilder und Kleinplastiken Gudrun Mueller Poeschmann"; Notes and newspaper cuttings from Strangers on a Train and The Price of Salt 1st Ed.; Letter from unidentified person to PH out of The Criminologist (22.07.1968), Letter from Peter Roberts to PH out of Psychopath (Liverpool, 8.12.1976); Notes out of David James Smith's The Sleep of Reason; Note by Patricia Marne out of Crime and Sex in Handwriting by P. Marne.