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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Collections
Scope and content : D-Collections: 14 scrapbooks, personal library, audio-visual collections, collection of newspaper cuttings, and more.
Cote : SLA-PH-D

D-01 Personal Library
D-01-a Reference Library
D-01-b Guidebooks and Geographic books
D-01-c Illustrated Volumes, large size books
D-01-d Literature A to Z
D-01-e Poetry, Verse
D-01-f Anthologies, Yearbooks etc.
D-01-g (Auto-)Biographies
D-01-h Politics, History
D-01-i Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Literary Criticism, Mythology etc.
D-01-j Criminology, Crime Writing
D-01-k Cats
D-01-l Nature (Animals, Plants etc.)
D-01-m Household Practice (Guides etc.)
D-01-n Cooking
D-02 Collection of Highsmith Editions
D-02-a American and English Highsmith Original Editions
D-02-b American and English Highsmith Licensed Editions
D-02-c German Highsmith Editions
D-02-d French Highsmith Editions
D-02-e Italian Highsmith editions
D-02-f Spanish Highsmith editions
D-02-g Catalan Highsmith editions
D-02-h Portuguese Highsmith editions
D-02-i Japanese Highsmith editions
D-02-j Highsmith editions in other languages
D-03 Scrapbooks
D-04 Press Cuttings and Newspaper/Magazine Copies re: Life and Work of PH
D-04-a Articles and Stories by PH
D-04-b Portraits of PH and Interviews
D-04-c Reviews of Novels
D-04-d Obituaries
D-04-e Film Promotion Booklets
D-05 Press cuttings re: diverse topics
D-05-a Alphabethical Documentation
D-05-b Newspaper Cuttings re: Israel – Palestinians
D-05-c Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes Documentation
D-05-d Animal Rights
D-05-e Blacks
D-05-f Divers
D-05-g The Pits
D-06 Video Tapes
D-06-a Film Versions and Videos relating to PH
D-06-b Patricia Highsmith's Video Collection
D-06-c Additional Videos on PH and her Oeuvre
D-07 Audio tapes and records
D-07-a Spoken Letters / Interviews / Reviews / Reportages
D-07-b Recordings of Literature / Music / Guides
D-07-c Highsmith Audio Books
D-07-d Long Play Records (LPs)
D-08 Original Ts./MS. Boxes and Folders
D-09 Film Scripts / Screenplays by other Authors, based on PH Novels
D-10 Maps
D-11 Studies on PH's Work (Manuscripts)
D-12 Manuscripts by Others
D-13 Artwork in Possession of PH
D-14 Collection of Postcards
D-15 Odds and Ends


Press cuttings re: diverse topics


Alphabethical Documentation

Originally in file folder "INVENTORY 87, INT. PICS (PIX), MISC INFO". Containing mainly newspaper, publicity, some manuscripts and letters in italics: Manuscripts and newspaper copies of reviews by PH. The subjects are listed up under the letters A to Z. The list includes some guesses and is not absolutely complete.Notice: Mss. - although listed here - have physically been removed and placed under A: Works
Cote Title / Description Further Info / Remarks
D-05-a-A A: Authors guild / authors league / privacy - biography ’89 (incl. 1 letter authors guild), art, alzheimer’s, archaeology, absinthe, animals, abortion, Aztecs, (and other clippings without obvious A-subject).    
D-05-a-B B: Bayreuth, Bergün, Ms.. „The Golden Gate by Alistair MacLean“ (carbon, 3 pp., address: Moncourt), Ms. “The John Franklin Barin Omnibus” (carbon, 6 pp., address: Moncourt), Authors’ Wills and Estates (Bulletin Second Front, Spring 1983), Brain, Paul Bowles, Bells, Service on Out-of-Print Books, Dirk Bogarde, The Blunderer (TV script) / C. Vitae Marc Brandel, Barnard, Sybille Bedford, Bees, Brass rubbing, Ray Bradbury, Barbara Bemelmans’s Madeline, Boats, J.F. Bardin, Biography.    
D-05-a-C C: Clock, Curare, Calvados, Agatha Christie/Vladimir Nabokov (Rezension von PH in “Welt des Buches”, 16.9.1976), Coins, Convention/Constitution 1787, Weather Forecasting, Frank MacShane: The Life of Raymond Chandler (review by PH in TLS 18.6.1976), Ms. Frank MacShane: The Life of Raymond Chandler (carbon 6 pp., address: Moncourt), Cocaine, Coates Bend Restoring, Ms. The One of Two Raymond Chandlers (Preface to “The World of R.C.”, Weidenfeld + Nicolson), 26.12.1976, carbon with handwritten corrections, 6 pp.), Cartoonists, Copyright Registrations Library of Congress: Novels and Short Stories 1949-87, Christianity, Crime Writers’ Association, Carmen (Opera), Cholesterol, Cancer, Betty Comden and Adolph Green, Cosmos.    
D-05-a-D D: Bette Davis, Autoimmune Diseases, Ms. "Daran glaube ich" for Die Welt, 28.9.1977 (carbon, 2 pp.), Ramsey Clark, Allan Bloom, Drugs, Ms. “The Deadly Innocents: Portraits of Children Who Kill by Muriel Gardiner (Review) (carbon, 4 pp., address: Aurigeno), Ms. “Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party by Graham Greene (Review) (2 carbon copies, each 3 pp.), D-Day    
D-05-a-E L’Escargot (snails), Embryo.    
D-05-a-F F: FBI/new scientific evidence, Fleas, Food, Furniture, Flight, Forgery, William Faulkner, Flowers/Forest, Lucy Freeman: “Der Psychiater sagt Mord” (Review by PH, Welt am Sonntag, 26.2.1976), Fusion Research, Ms. “The Perfect Female Image” (for Sunday Times, London, Sept. 1977) (carbon, 2 pp.), Funeral.    
D-05-a-G G: Ms. Journal de Genève, Questions (Sept. 1984) (carbon, 3 pp.), Gotthard Tunnel, Gondola, Greenpeace, Graham Greene, German History, Victoria Glendinning, Greenhouse, Guns, Gallery Guide, Garden.    
D-05-a-H H: Hitchcock, J. Edgar Hoover, Heart drugs, Hadrogen-powered plane, Joseph Hazelwood.    
D-05-a-I/J I/J: Iraq, GM losses, Iceman, Jupiter / Galileo Mission, Inoculation, Immune System, Handwriting/Graphology.    
D-05-a-K/L K/L: Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth, Texas, Joylessness, British Museum’s recipe for leather dressing for books, Kiki de Montparnasse, Lebanon, Love, Inventory of hardcover first editions at Highsmith house, Dec. 1987 (draft 1 p. and final version, 2 carbon copies with some handwritten corrections, each 29 pp.).    
D-05-a-M M: Mummies, Machu Pichu, Tony Myrer, Jeanne Moreau, Ms. AAA (Speach for Gudrun Mueller-Poeschmann exhibition, 31.3.1988 (carbon, 3 pp.).    
D-05-a-I/Mc Mc: Metropolitan (film), Mary McCarthy.    
D-05-a-N/O N/O: New York, L.H. Oswald, Joan Dupont: Criminal Pursuits (PH portrait, New York Times Magazine, 12.6.1988, 5 copies), Mary McCarthy, PH: Intime Feinde, die sich als gute Freunde tarnen (review of Joyce Carol Oates: Grenzüberschreitungen), in Welt am Sonntag, 12.11.1978, Ms. Mrs Reinhardt and other stories by Edna O’Brien (Die Welt am Sonntag, Oct. 1979, carbon 2 pp.), Ms. Crossing the Border by Joyce Carol Oates (Welt am Sonntag) (carbon, 4 pp.), Patricia Highsmith, interview with Ian Hamilton, New Review, London, August 1977.    
D-05-a-P/Q P/Q: Père Lachaise, Particle Roundup, Thomas Paine, Paris (Robert Doisneau), Engdahl Typography (letter), Kim Philby (spy), Quantum Leap, Paper, Alan Paton, Ms. Edgar Allan Poe by David Sinclair, Dec 23 1977, Times Literary Supplement (carbon, 6 pp.), Pre-Raphaelites, Poetry (magazine). R: Santa Fe board of Realtors, Record Player, Red Square, Relativity/ Hawking, Soviet Empire (Russia), James Reston, Rachmaninoff, Ms. Rats by Martin Hart. Times Literary Supplement, 1982 (carbon, 6 pp.).    
D-05-a-S S: Switzerland, Spaceships, Syracuse, William Shirer, Sun, Surgery, Upton Sinclair / Censorship, The Spy Guide in the Secrets of America’s Favorite Clubs (Shriners etc.), Smoking,   Ms. Simenon: The Man and the Writer – Separable or Not? (carbon and photocopy of Ts., 6 pp., address: Aurigeno), Sphinx, PH: Simenon in Court, in : New York Times, 1969 (?), PH: Miss Maigret. Intimate Memoirs, including ‘Maire-Jo’s Book, by George Simenon (London Review of Books, 17.10.1984), X-Rays/Gamma-Rays, Supernova, PH: Fallen Women. ‘Somebody’s Husband, Somebody’s Son: The Story of Peter Sutcliffe by Gordon Burn. London Review of Books, 4.7.1984 (several copies), Ms. “...somebody’s husband, somebody’s son” by Gordon Burn. (Ts. carbon copy, 12 pp.), Ms. “...somebody’s husband, somebody’s son” by Gordon Burn, “2nd draft” (Ts. with handwritten corrections, , 13 pp.), (review of the same Sutcliffe-book by Julian Symons), Ms. Intimate Memoirs by George Simenon, Hamish Hamilton, Sept. 1984 for London Review of Books (Ts. carbon copy, 7 pp.), Junius Secundus: The Sohoiad, or, The Masque of Art (The New York Review, 1984), ships/sails, Snooker, Ms. Sybil, by Flora Rheta Schreiber (address: Moncourt) (Ts., carbon copy, 4 pp.), The Rock Pool: The struggle for survival (Snails), The Seventh Enemy, by Ronald Higghins (Terrorism, Threats of the Nineties), John Singer Sargent’s Breakthrough.
D-05-a-T T: Two Cultures/Edward Said, Typewriters, Van Dyck, Texas Property (near Granbury, Hood County, 40 miles from Ft. Worth) – survey sketch/map, documentation, Ms. Toronto and New York, oct. 20, 1987, 2nd version (Ts., carbon/original, 4 pp.) (probably manuscript for public reading from “Found in the Street”), Ticino, Tanger, Truffle Trade, Monaco as “Tax Haven”.    
D-05-a-U/V U/V: Death in Tunis (murder of P.L.O. leader), Village Vanguard (N.Y. Jazz club), Vanguard Press, Vanessa Redgrave, Ms. The Tomi Ungerer Show, 16.1.1975 (Ts. carbon, 3 pp.), Voodoo, Toronto, Reconstruction of Greek Trimere (boat), , W: Writers and Artists Colonies (list), World War II, Voyager 2 (space), Wine, Whales, Wiener Fiakerlied, Wood (?) “Capturing a new antique look), Wagner.    
D-05-a-X/Y/Z X/Y/Z: Yaddo, Zeppelin, Zebra, Yachtjacking.    


Newspaper Cuttings re: Israel – Palestinians


Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes Documentation


Animal Rights






The Pits