Highsmith, Patricia: Nachlass Patricia Highsmith


Swiss Literary Archives (SLA)
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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Collections
Scope and content : D-Collections: 14 scrapbooks, personal library, audio-visual collections, collection of newspaper cuttings, and more.
Cote : SLA-PH-D

D-01 Personal Library
D-01-a Reference Library
D-01-b Guidebooks and Geographic books
D-01-c Illustrated Volumes, large size books
D-01-d Literature A to Z
D-01-e Poetry, Verse
D-01-f Anthologies, Yearbooks etc.
D-01-g (Auto-)Biographies
D-01-h Politics, History
D-01-i Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Literary Criticism, Mythology etc.
D-01-j Criminology, Crime Writing
D-01-k Cats
D-01-l Nature (Animals, Plants etc.)
D-01-m Household Practice (Guides etc.)
D-01-n Cooking
D-02 Collection of Highsmith Editions
D-02-a American and English Highsmith Original Editions
D-02-b American and English Highsmith Licensed Editions
D-02-c German Highsmith Editions
D-02-d French Highsmith Editions
D-02-e Italian Highsmith editions
D-02-f Spanish Highsmith editions
D-02-g Catalan Highsmith editions
D-02-h Portuguese Highsmith editions
D-02-i Japanese Highsmith editions
D-02-j Highsmith editions in other languages
D-03 Scrapbooks
D-04 Press Cuttings and Newspaper/Magazine Copies re: Life and Work of PH
D-04-a Articles and Stories by PH
D-04-b Portraits of PH and Interviews
D-04-c Reviews of Novels
D-04-d Obituaries
D-04-e Film Promotion Booklets
D-05 Press cuttings re: diverse topics
D-05-a Alphabethical Documentation
D-05-b Newspaper Cuttings re: Israel – Palestinians
D-05-c Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes Documentation
D-05-d Animal Rights
D-05-e Blacks
D-05-f Divers
D-05-g The Pits
D-06 Video Tapes
D-06-a Film Versions and Videos relating to PH
D-06-b Patricia Highsmith's Video Collection
D-06-c Additional Videos on PH and her Oeuvre
D-07 Audio tapes and records
D-07-a Spoken Letters / Interviews / Reviews / Reportages
D-07-b Recordings of Literature / Music / Guides
D-07-c Highsmith Audio Books
D-07-d Long Play Records (LPs)
D-08 Original Ts./MS. Boxes and Folders
D-09 Film Scripts / Screenplays by other Authors, based on PH Novels
D-10 Maps
D-11 Studies on PH's Work (Manuscripts)
D-12 Manuscripts by Others
D-13 Artwork in Possession of PH
D-14 Collection of Postcards
D-15 Odds and Ends


Original Ts./MS. Boxes and Folders

Under Further Info / Remarks between diagonal strokes: PH's inscriptions, handwritten and in typewritten, on box(es) or folder(s)
Cote Title / Description Collation Further Info / Remarks
D-08.1 Original manuscript boxes   1 box (with light brown wrapping paper) Rem.: ON SUSPENSE AND WRITING IT (Plotting and Writing ORIG. MS) [=A-01-c-12] / THE GLASS CELL (incomplete second original) [=A-01-a-10/1] / A SUSPENSION OF MERCY (The Story Teller), ORIG. MS. [=A-01-a-11]
s.a. A-01-a-10/01,
s.a. A-01-a-11/01,
s.a. A-01-c-12
D-08.2 Original manuscript boxes   1 box Rem.: SUSPENSION of Mercy (Story Teller) Orig [=A-01-a-11]/ The Arrangement [=A-04-b] / 1st Person Novel [=A-01-b-5/1] / TREMOR OF FORGERY (Heinemann) [=A-01-a-13] / STRANGERs ON A TRAIN [=A-01-a-1/2]
s.a. A-01-a-11/01,
s.a. A-01-b-5/01,
s.a. A-04-b,
s.a. A-01-a-13/01,
s.a. A-01-a-1/02
D-08.3 Original manuscript boxes   1 box Rem.: [Originator:] Calmann-Lévy THOSE WHO WALK AWAY (Orig + Heinemann) [=A-01-a-12] / THE TREMOR OF FORGERY (Orig.) [=A-01-a-13]
s.a. A-01-a-12/01,
s.a. A-01-a-13/01
D-08.4 Original manuscript boxes   1 box Rem.: [Originator:] Doubleday & Company Inc. RIPLEY UNDER GROUND ORIG. MS [=A-01-a-14/1] / THE DOVE DESCENDING [=A-01-b-1] / SHORT STORIES "ELEVEN" [=A-01-c-6]
s.a. A-01-a-14/01,
s.a. A-01-b-1/01,
s.a. A-01-c-6
D-08.5 Original manuscript boxes   2 boxes Rem.: [1] A DOG'S RANSOM ORIG. MS [=A-01-a-15/1] / [2] 4th RIPLEY [=A-01-a-18]
s.a. A-01-a-15/01,
s.a. A-01-a-18/01
D-08.6 Original manuscript boxes   3 boxes Rem.: [1] ORIGINAL PEOPLE WHO KNOCK ON THE DOOR '82 [=A-01-a-19/1] / [2] PEOPLE WHO FINAL [=A-01-a-19/2]/ [3] FOUND IN THE STREET Orig. July 1985 [=A-01-a-20/1]
s.a. A-01-a-19/01,
s.a. A-01-a-19/02,
s.a. A-01-a-20/01
D-08.7 Original manuscript boxes   3 boxes Rem.: [1] carbon FOUND Found in the Street [=A-01-a-20/1] / [2 and 3] R. u. W. [Ripley Under Water] Oct. '90... my carbon of final draft [=A-01-a-21/1 and A-01-a-21/2 (uncorrected)]
s.a. A-01-a-20/01,
s.a. A-01-a-21/01,
s.a. A-01-a-21/02
D-08.8 Original manuscript boxes   2 boxes Rem.: [1] RIPLEY under WATER, 3rd Copy XEROX, FEB. 1991 [typewritten] My Xerox 3rd Copy Feb. Mar. '91[handwritten ] [=A-01-a-21/3] / [2] First Draft Small g Dec. 20. '93 [=A-01-a-22/1]
s.a. A-01-a-21/03,
s.a. A-01-a-22/01
D-08.9 Original manuscript boxes   7 boxes / folders Rem.: [1] Carbon of Small g UNCUT Dec. 20, 1993 1 MAY 1995 [=A-01-a-22/2] / [2] The Straightforward Lie 244 p. 1959-60 [=A-01-b-3] /[3] The Black House PATRICIA HIGHSMITH A NEW COLLECTION OF SHORT-STORIES ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT [=A-01-c-11] /[4] Original MS Patricia Highsmith LITTLE TALES OF MYSOGYNY [=A-01-c-8/1] /[5] CAT STORIES July '87 WORK PAGES [=A-01-c-10/1] / [6] Catastrophe Stories July '87 CAT STOREIS '87 [=A-01-c-10/2 /[7] Revised Essays, photocopied by AvP [=A-01-c-11] [under and over cancelled inscription: RIPLEY UNDER WATER BY PATRICIA HIGHSMITH COPY OF THE FIRST UNCORRECTED MANUSCRIPT]
s.a. A-01-b-3/01,
s.a. A-01-c-11/01,
s.a. A-01-c-8/01,
s.a. A-01-c-10/02,
s.a. A-01-c-10/01
D-08.10 Original manuscript boxes   2 accordion folders (red / green) [red]: MIDDLE / [green]: OLDEST Short Stories 1945-1955c
D-08.11 Original manuscript boxes   2 accordion folders (red / green) [red]: SHORT STORIES 74-78-80-81-82 / [green]: SHORT STORIES 83-88 / BOOK REVIEWS
D-08.12 Original manuscript boxes   1 accordion folder (light) STORIES - ARTICLES 1989
D-08.13 Original file folder   1 accordion folder (black) "INV.-87" / INT. PICS / MISC + INFO