Highsmith, Patricia: Nachlass Patricia Highsmith


Swiss Literary Archives (SLA)
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CH-3003 Berne



Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Supplementations
Scope and content : E-Supplementations
Cote : SLA-PH-E

E-01 Copies of Manuscripts and Documents
E-02 Exhibition Documents
E-03 Executors' Files
E-04 Press clippings
E-05 Furniture from Patricia Highsmith household in Tegna
E-06 Collection Monique Buffet
E-06-B Letters
E-06-C Life Papers and Documents
E-06-D Collections
E-07 Collection Christian Scholz
E-08 Collection Coates
E-08-A Works
E-08-B Letters
E-08-C Life Papers and Documents
E-08-D Collections
E-09 Collection Marion Aboudaram
E-09-A Works
E-09-B Letters
E-09-C Life Papers and Documents
E-09-D Collections


Copies of Manuscripts and Documents

s.a. A-05,
s.a. C-01,
s.a. C-05-a
Cote Title / Description Collation Further Info / Remarks
E-01/01 The Click of The Shutting   photocopy of Ts. Rem.: Paper copy from microfilm
s.a. A-01-c-1/18
E-01/02 Copies/facsimiles for exhibition (large format), photos   photocopies/facsimiles  
E-01/03 Cahiers 1-6 (copies)   photocopies  
E-01/04 Cahiers 7-13 (copies)   photocopies  
E-01/05 Cahiers 14-19 (copies)   photocopies  
E-01/06 Cahiers 20-25 (copies)   photocopies  
E-01/07 Cahiers 26-31 (copies)   photocopies  
E-01/08 Cahiers 32-37 (copies)   photocopies  
E-01/09 Letters to Kate Kingsley Skattebøl, 1941-1995   1 user set (photocopies)  
E-01/10 Microfilms   14 microfilms (12 of them are diazo copies)  
E-01/11 Diaries 1-5 (copies of C-01/01 to /05)   photocopies  
E-01/12 Brown Album (copies of C-05-a-01)   photocopies s.a. C-05-a-01
E-01/13 Red Album (horizontal) (copies of C-05-a-02)   photocopies s.a. C-05-a-02
E-01/14 Black Album (gold tooling) (copies of C-05-a-03)   photocopies s.a. C-05-a-03
E-01/15 Red Album (upright) (copies of C-05-a-04)   photocopies s.a. C-05-a-04
E-01/16 Black Album (photographs) (copies of C-05-a-05)   photocopies s.a. C-05-a-05
E-01/17 Black Album (memory book) (copies of C-05-a-06)   photocopies s.a. C-05-a-06
E-01/18 Reversal films   photocopies Rem.: Transparencies (slides) shot from PH-C-05-a-01 to PH-C-05-a-06.
s.a. C-05-a