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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Supplementations
Scope and content : E-Supplementations
Cote : SLA-PH-E

E-01 Copies of Manuscripts and Documents
E-02 Exhibition Documents
E-03 Executors' Files
E-04 Press clippings
E-05 Furniture from Patricia Highsmith household in Tegna
E-06 Collection Monique Buffet
E-06-B Letters
E-06-C Life Papers and Documents
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E-07 Collection Christian Scholz
E-08 Collection Coates
E-08-A Works
E-08-B Letters
E-08-C Life Papers and Documents
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E-09 Collection Marion Aboudaram
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Collection Coates

s.a. C-03-c





Cote Title / Description Collation Further Info / Remarks
E-08-A-06-a/1 Sketches   5 Women. "Plangman 23"
E-08-A-06-a/2 Comic Scene   1 "Help! Help! Pat! I'm drowning!"
E-08-A-06-a/3 Large Format Drawings   9  



Cote Title / Description Further Info / Remarks
E-08-B-03 Letters between Third Persons    
E-08-B-03-HIGM-COAD Highsmith, Mary C. to Coates, Dan. Correspondence, Fort Worth, 1964.02.22. 1
E-08-B-03-HIGM-COAW Highsmith, Mary C. to Stewart Coates, Willie Mae. Correspondence, Fort Worth, 1940 (ca.). 1. - Includes ms. letter by PH to Stanley Highsmith.


Life Papers and Documents

Cote Title / Description Further Info / Remarks
E-08-C-03-a Stewart Family    
E-08-C-03-a/1 The Stewart Family Tree. - "Genealogy of the 'Stewarts of Baltimore'".. - s.a. C-03-a/03
E-08-C-03-a/2 Certificates and Papers. - Includes 1 letter by PH to Florine (07.1964).
E-08-C-03-b Coates and Coats    
E-08-C-03-b/1 Family Tree, 1984.05.03. - "The Coates Rundown on the Family Tree from Coats Bend Alabama", by Dan Coates.. - s.a. C-03-b
E-08-C-05-b Private Shots    
E-08-C-05-b-1 Relative Photos, 1915 (ca.)-1980 (ca.). 72. - Includes: Claudine, Mary and Clara Coates, PH (childhood and adolescence), Dan Coates, Frances Jennings (Coates), Grandma, Young Grandaddy in front of brick building, Cuba photo, Madison Indians, cars and personal photos.
E-08-C-05-b-2 Relative Photos, from Scrapbooks, 1930 (ca.)-1947 (ca.). 95. - Includes: Florine Coates, Dan Coates, Stanley Highsmith, Pete Taylor, Lucille Coates, , Mary Coates, PH and other family members.
E-08-C-05-b-3 Relative Photos, 1942 (ca.)-1980 (ca.). 16. - Includes: mainly Dan Coates and other family members; New York, Texas and Rodeos.
E-08-C-05-c Professional Shots (Portraits etc.)    
E-08-C-05-c-1 PH. 1. - Framed.
E-08-C-05-c-2 Dan Coates and the Kiowa Indians, 1971.07. 1. - With his friend Chief Red Hawk - Gus Palmer - Madison Square Garden Rodeo - New York. Framed.
E-08-C-05-c-3 PH Portraits, 1971.07. 9



Cote Title / Description Further Info / Remarks
E-08-D-02 Collection of Highsmith Editions    
E-08-D-02-1 Highsmith, PatriciaPlotting and Writing Suspense FictionBoston, The Writer, 1966. - With dedication.
E-08-D-02-2 Highsmith, PatriciaA Dog's RansomNew York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1972
E-08-D-02-3 Highsmith, PatriciaThe Animal-Lover's Book of Beastly MurderLondon, Heinemann, 1975
E-08-D-02-4 Highsmith, PatriciaKleine Mordgeschichten für TierfreundeZürich, Diogenes, 1976. - With dedication.
E-08-D-02-5 Highsmith, PatriciaEdith's DiaryNew York, Pocket Books, 1977. - With dedication.
E-08-D-02-6 Highsmith, PatriciaSlowly, Slowly in the WindNew York, The Mysterious Press, 1979. - With dedication (1987).
E-08-D-02-7 Über Patricia HighsmithZürich, Diogenes, 1980. - With dedication.
E-08-D-02-8 Highsmith, PatriciaMermaids on the Golf CourseHarmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1986. - With dedication.
E-08-D-02-9 Highsmith, PatriciaTales of Natural and Unnatural CatastrophesLondon, Bloomsbury, 1987
E-08-D-02-10 Patricia Highsmith - Exhibition catalogueBern, Swiss National Library, 2006