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Digital reproductions

Digital copies (low resolution, e.g. for PPT-presentation or websites)

Details possible

grayscale (150 dpi, JPEG)

to A4 (CHF -.20)

to A3 (CHF -.40)
colour (RGB, 150 dpi, JPG)

to A4 (CHF 1.-)

to A3 (CHF 2.-)
Transmission: Files less than 2MB are sent directly to the users as e-mail attachments in JPEG. Larger files are stored on an ftp-server and users will receive an e-mail indicating how to access the files.

Digital reprographies (high resolution, print quality)

Details possible > Colour adjusted > TIFF

colour/grayscale (RGB, 300 dpi)

A4 (CHF 30.-)


A3 (CHF 50.-)

> A3 (according to our offer)    
Transmission: The files are stored on an ftp-server and users will receive an e-mail indicating how to access the files.




Analogue reproductions

Analogue copies

Details possible


to A4 (CHF -.20)

to A3 (CHF -.40)

to A4 (CHF 1.-)

to A3 (CHF 2.-)

Photographs on photographic paper

Details possible



to 18x24 cm (CHF 40.-)

to 30x40 cm (CHF 60.-)

Photographs on poster paper

Details possible


to 18x24 cm (CHF 40.-)

to 30x40 cm (CHF 60.-)

to 70x100 cm (CHF 150.-)

to 110x158 cm (CHF 220.-)




Payment method*


I will collect and pay for my order at the circulation desk of the National Library in Bern
Please send me the order by post (administrative charge CHF 10.-, including shipping, we do not accept credit card payments)


Conditions of use for reproductions

1. The user ordering the reproduction must specify the exact purpose for which it will be used. The payment made for the reproduction allows for one single use for the purpose stated. Any further use is subject to approval.

2. If the reproductions are published, the source must be quoted as follows: Swiss National Library (NL), Bern. If the reproduction comes from a publication in the collections of the Swiss National Library, the title of the work itself must be indicated, ideally with indication of the signature. If the original comes from National Library’s Prints and Drawings Collection or from the Swiss Literary Archives, the source must be indicated according to the Regulations on the use of the Swiss National Library. If the original is one of the publications of the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN), the caption of the work, including its source, must be indicated in full as quoted in the approval issued by the CDN.

3. The Swiss National Library reserves the right to restrict or refuse a reproduction on conservation grounds, for reasons of copyright, related rights, personality rights or any other important reasons.

4. In the case of photographs of persons, the user is also responsible for obtaining the approval of this person where necessary.

5. With the reproduction of works by the Swiss National Library no intellectual property rights, including copyright in such works are transmitted to the users. For any use of the reproduced works that goes beyond the legally permitted uses, users are required beforehand to obtain the appropriate rights from the rights holder themselves. The National Library accepts no liability for the use of works from the collections of the National Library by the user. The latter frees the National Library of all third party claims due to infringement of intellectual property rights and personal rights arising from the use of such documents.

6. The user agrees to provide the Swiss National Library one copy free of charge of each publication in which reproductions from the National Library are used. The Swiss National Library may waive that obligation.

7. The Regulations on the use of the Swiss National Library are applicable to the present order and are binding for the user.


Processing times (from the completion of the contract: provision of the original, clarification of the legal situation etc.)
Analogue/digital copies: up to 15 copies - by the following working day from 12 noon (excluding Saturday); 16-40 copies - within 4 working days, more than 40 copies deadline fixed by agreement (phone +41 58 463 56 29).
Analogue/digital reproductions: up to 5 reproductions - within 4 working days; 6-15 reproductions - within 10 working days; more than 15 reproduc-tions - deadline fixed by agreement (phone +41 58 464 03 09).

By sending, you accept the terms of use and conditions listed above and agree to comply with the Regulations on the use of the Swiss National Library.
Please note in particular the copyright rules referred to in letter E.




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