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Loan request for external exhibits - Application


Questionnaire for the Borrower


*Mandatory fields
Three Month maximal lending period.

1. Borrower

1.1 Institution*
1.2 Street*
1.3 Zip and Place*
1.4 Contact*
1.5 Phone*
1.6 E-mail


2. Exhibition

2.1 Title of the exhibition*
2.2 Exhibition information*
2.3 Address of the exhibition*
2.4 Travelling exhibition yes no
If yes, please describe exhibition conditions for each location precisely.


3. Exhibition Conditions

3.1 Type of exhibition / presentation*
Please indicate in what form the items will be presented at the exhibition: for example, which page of a book will be exhibited; will items be presented with mats, in a frame, in a display case, etc.
3.2 Storage of item loaned before and after the exhibition Items on loan must be kept in an enclosed place (display cabinet, cupboard).
3.3 Exhibition lighting*
a) Daylight* yes no
b) Artificial lighting* yes no
c) Maximum illumination* Lux
d) UV filters available?* yes no
3.4 Exhibition air conditions*
a) Temperature*: �C
b) Relative humidity*: %
3.5 Arrangements for air conditions and security surveillance*
Original items on loan shall only be lent out, three months maximal lending period, insofar as their condition shall permit this and the exhibition and transport condition shall guarantee sufficient security for the items on loan. Otherwise the NL shall reserve the right to refuse to lend and recommend the exhibition of facsimiles.


4. Catalogue

Illustrations in the catalogue: The item loaned may be photographed only and exclusively by the Swiss National Library.
4.1 Designation for the exhibition and in the catalogue* yes no


5. Transport and insurance

5.1 Collect from Swiss National Library, Bern
5.2 When 14 days before the start of the exhibition
5.3 Return to Swiss National Library, Bern
5.4 When 14 days after the close of the exhibition.
The NL shall be informed in good time of the imminent return of a loan so that due steps can be taken.
5.5 Transport: Personal or by a specialised company (experienced courier or art carrier recommended by the NL) Transport only by direct route. Any necessary interim storage only with the written authorisation of the NL.
5.6 Transport packaging

Must be realised by the borrower.
Framed and matted pictures may not be opened by the borrower.

5.7 Transport and packaging costs All transport and packaging costs as also travelling expenses for the accompanying person shall be borne by the borrower.
5.8 Insurance* Name and address of the insurance company

The borrower shall conclude insurance with a recognised insurance company to cover all risks in particular damage and theft (all risk cover).
It is sufficient if a community accepts responsibility for the damages under state liability insofar as the cover corresponds the scope of an all risk insurance.
The item loaned will only be released on receipt of the insurance policy by the NL.


6. Application

The borrower must submit this application including the definitive list of loans electronically three months before the opening of the exhibition or other event for which the loans are required, to the NL.

6.1 Conditions of Loan, Obligation to exercise due care
6.1.1 Condition report
The condition report documents the state of the item loaned at the time of handing over to the transporter appointed by the borrower. The latter shall hand over the item loaned to the borrower after the transport has been completed. The borrower shall examine whether the condition of the item loaned corresponds to the condition report. In the event that damages be ascertained, the borrower is bound to make immediate report to the NL. If the borrower shall fail to make due report, the item loaned shall be deemed approved as received according to the condition report.

6.1.2 For the period of the loan
The borrower undertakes to handle the item loaned correctly throughout the duration of loan. Storage costs and upkeep during the period of loan in conjunction with the loan shall be borne by the borrower. The latter shall instruct all persons with access to the item loaned on how to handle the item loaned correctly.

6.1.3 Procedure in the event of damages
If a case of damages should occur during the duration of loan, the borrower is bound to report the same to the NL immediately. The borrower shall then compile a report on the occurrence of damages, and bear the costs thereof, and enclose a photographic report of the damages.

6.1.4 Return
After the exhibition the transport company shall bring the item loaned back to the NL. The NL shall then check that the state of the item loaned corresponds to the condition report. If damages shall be ascertained, report shall be made to the borrower immediately. The borrower shall be liable for damages caused by the borrower or the transport company up to the insurance value. In the event that the borrower shall be tardy in returning the item loaned this must be reported to the NL at once. The NL may then grant the borrower and appropriate grace period. If no grace period is set for the return, the borrower shall be liable for damages due to delay as also for the occurrence.

6.1.5 Withdrawal
In the case of non-compliance with the statutory conditions of the present loan agreement, the NL is entitled to withdraw from the agreement immediately, to take back the item loaned and, in the event, to demand reparation for damages.

6.2 Reproduction
The borrower may neither reproduce the item loaned nor use it other than pursuant to the agreement without written authorisation by the NL.

6.3 Designation
The borrower shall duly designate the item loaned in the exhibition plates, the printed catalogue and any other publications as the property of the NL. The borrower shall provide the NL with a complimentary copy of the catalogue free of charge.

6.4 Right of access and right to view
The NL is entitled to view the relevant item at the exhibition or storage location and to check compliance with the agreed conditions.

6.5 Law applicable and venue
For disputes arising under this agreement Swiss law shall be exclusively applicable. Venue is Bern.


7. Swiss National Library loan list

Loan 1

Reference code
Method of exhibition

Loan 2

Reference code
Method of exhibition

Loan 3

Reference code
Method of exhibition

Loan 4

Reference code
Method of exhibition

Loan 5

Reference code
Method of exhibition

Method of exhibition: Information about how the objects are to be presented in the exhibition, e.g. at which page is a book to be open, method of presentation (matted, framed, in display cases, etc.).


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