Programme overview 

This information dates from June 15. See the Online Conference Schedule for the most up-to-date information.

01 A Demonstration of BitCurator Access Webtools and Disk Image Redaction Tools Christopher (Cal) Lee and Kam Woods
02 Assigning Rights Statements to Legacy Digital Collections Laura Capell and Elliot Williams
03 Autonomous Preservation Tools in Minimal Effort Ingest Asger Askov Blekinge, Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen and Bolette Ammitzbøll Jurik
04 Born Digital 2016: Generating Public Interest in Digital Preservation Sarah Slade
05 Building archival storage component using new open standard infrastructure Dariusz Paradowski
06 Caring for live art that eludes digital preservation Louise Curham
07 Consortial Certification Processes – The Goportis Digital Archive. A Case Study Yvonne Friese, Thomas Gerdes, Franziska Schwab and Thomas Bähr
08 Digital preservation with the Islandora framework at Qatar National Library Armin Straube
09 Establishing a generic Research Data Repository: The RADAR Service Angelina Kraft, Matthias Razum and Jan Potthoff
10 Establishing Digital Preservation at the University of Melbourne Jaye Weatherburn
11 Exit strategies and techniques for cloud-based preservation services Matthew Addis
12 Geospatial Data: Conservation and Archiving Planning Helen Gollin, Urs Gerber and Martin Schlatter
13 HydraDAM2: Building Out Preservation at Scale in Hydra Heidi Dowding and Michael Muraszko
14 Project EMiL – Emulation of Multimedia Objects Tobias Steinke, Frank Padberg, Astrid Schoger and Klaus Rechert
15 Should We Keep Everything Forever?: Determining Long-Term Value of Research Data Bethany Anderson, Susan Braxton, Elise Dunham, Heidi Imker and Kyle Rimkus
16 The Status of compliance with OAIS reference model in the National Diet Library Digital Collections Tsukasa Kimezawa and Shuji Kamitsuna
17 To Act or Not to Act – Handling File format Identification Issues in Practice Matthias Töwe, Franziska Geisser and Roland Suri
18 Web Archiving Environmental Scan Gail Truman and Andrea Goethals