What should happen #nextyear in Digital Preservation?

Our colleagues from iPRES 2015 put out a call during the conference for digital preservation trends and ideas that should happen next year (2015-2016). People tweeted their contributions with the hashtags #nextyear #ipres2015. The iPRES 2016 Programme Committee has analysed these tweets, summarised below. 

#nextyear #ipres2016 (2016-2017)

During the iPRES 2016 conference we will ask participants to make suggestions for what should happen #nextyear (2016-2017) in digital preservation. We offer two ways to contribute: either tweeting using the hashtags #nextyear #ipres2016 or writing the suggestion on the provided card at the conference and putting it into the #nextyear box. The organisers of iPRES 2017 can then track what actually happens in digital preservation over the next year.