Highsmith, Patricia: Nachlass Patricia Highsmith


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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Supplementations
Scope and content : E-Supplementations
Cote : SLA-PH-E

E-01 Copies of Manuscripts and Documents
E-02 Exhibition Documents
E-03 Executors' Files
E-04 Press clippings
E-05 Furniture from Patricia Highsmith household in Tegna
E-06 Collection Monique Buffet
E-06-B Letters
E-06-C Life Papers and Documents
E-06-D Collections
E-07 Collection Christian Scholz
E-08 Collection Coates
E-08-A Works
E-08-B Letters
E-08-C Life Papers and Documents
E-08-D Collections
E-09 Collection Marion Aboudaram
E-09-A Works
E-09-B Letters
E-09-C Life Papers and Documents
E-09-D Collections


Executors' Files

Handed over by executor Vivien De Bernardi, September 28, 2009.
Cote Title / Description Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
E-03-01 Executors' Work 1995/1996   1995-1996
contents of 1 folder  
E-03-02 Executors' Work 1997/1998   1997-1998
contents of 1 folder  
E-03-03 Executors' Work 1999-2003   1999-2003
contents of 1 folder including Final Report to Yaddo
E-03-04 Financial Inventory 1994-1996   1994-1996
contents of 1 folder  
E-03-05 Financial Inventory 1997-2001   1997-2001
contents of 1 folder  
E-03-06 Patricia Highsmith Estate 1995 Day of Death PBS / CS / UBS / Raiffeisen   1995
contents of 1 folder  
E-03-07 1995 Sogenal / Merrill Lynch 1996-2001   1995
contents of 1 folder Dat.: Additional dates: 1996/2001
E-03-08 1996 BPS / CS / UBS   1996
contents of 1 folder  
E-03-09 Credit Suisse 1997-2003   1997-2003
contents of 1 folder