Highsmith, Patricia: Nachlass Patricia Highsmith


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Author/Origine : Highsmith, Patricia
Title : Supplementations
Scope and content : E-Supplementations
Cote : SLA-PH-E

E-01 Copies of Manuscripts and Documents
E-02 Exhibition Documents
E-03 Executors' Files
E-04 Press clippings
E-05 Furniture from Patricia Highsmith household in Tegna
E-06 Collection Monique Buffet
E-06-B Letters
E-06-C Life Papers and Documents
E-06-D Collections
E-07 Collection Christian Scholz
E-08 Collection Coates
E-08-A Works
E-08-B Letters
E-08-C Life Papers and Documents
E-08-D Collections
E-09 Collection Marion Aboudaram
E-09-A Works
E-09-B Letters
E-09-C Life Papers and Documents
E-09-D Collections


Collection Monique Buffet



Cote Title / Description Place Dates Collation Further Info / Remarks
E-06-B-01-BUFF   Moncourt, Tegna, Aurigeno, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, London, Bloomington, Deauville
215 Contains 1 letter of Val A. Rawson to PH (22.01.1992).


Life Papers and Documents

Cote Title / Description Further Info / Remarks
E-06-C-05-b Private Shots    
E-06-C-05-b-1 Moncourt, 1978.09-1979.06. 13. - Negatives included.



Cote Title / Description Further Info / Remarks
E-06-D-02 Collection of Highsmith Editions    
E-06-D-02/1 A Dog's Ransom, 1972. - Penguin. With dedication (1982).
E-06-D-02/2 Toutes à tuer, 1976. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication (1978).
E-06-D-02/3 The Blunderer, 1978. - Hamlyn. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/4 Ce mal étrange, 1978. - Éditions Famot. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/5 Le journal d'Edith, 1978. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/6 Slowly, Slowly in the Wind, 1979. - Heinemann. With dedication. Contains 1 letter from PH to MB (21.03.1979).
E-06-D-02/7 The Boy Who Followed Ripley, 1980. - Heinemann. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/8 Sur le pas de Ripley, 1980. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/9 La proie du chat, 1981. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/10 The Balck House, 1981. - Heinemann. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/11 Le jardin des disparus, 1982. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/12 Ces gens qui frappent à la porte, 1983. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication. Contains 1 letter from PH to MB (8.9.1985).
E-06-D-02/13 Les sirènes du golf, 1984. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/14 Les eaux dérobées, 1985. - Calmann-Lévy. With dedication.
E-06-D-02/15 Tales of Natural and Unnatural Catastrophes, 1987. - Bloomsbury. With dedication (1988).
E-06-D-04 Press Cuttings    
E-06-D-04.1 Life and Work of PH, 1978-1981 (ca.)
E-06-D-04.2 Death of PH, 1995
E-06-D-07 Video Tapes    
E-06-D-07.1 Soirée thématique ARTE: Patricia Highsmith, 1995.04.04. 1 VHS
E-06-D-07.2 Un siècle d'Ecrivains: Patricia Highsmith, 1995.12.20. 1 VHS. - France 3. Press clippings included.